Saturday, October 16, 2004

movie reviews

i had the privelege of watchin village this week and king where do i start

1.VILLAGE review-nice plot but so do all other tv movies. hey it was a good idea to think of a whole community established by falsehood. Like the 'armish' who keep to themselves to avoid outside danger...everyone in the village believes that they are restricted to that environment in some farce created by the village elders.

it gets 3stars ***

not m night shymalan's best-he sure hasnt made my blood boil since 6th sense. not in signs not in that other one with bruce willis and samuel l jackson.

HMMMH!!!!! before i give a totally biased review-i must admit that i love ALL JERRY BRUCKHEIMER movies. yes he is but aproducer but look at the movies he darn produced.
Pirates of the carribean
Pearl Harbour
Bad Boys
Con Air
Remember the titans.... to name but a few....

his movies have more testosterone than jamhuri high school students (alumni included).
the action is just off the hook.dazzling special effects that have the very obvious Bruckheimer signature.
many would argue its michael bays signature...but hey get ur own review website!!!!

.....anyway back to king arthur....

it was ok(i have never called a bruckheimer movie just ok since bad company). i mean his reputation preceeds him....all his movies have opened at number one in the boxofice and all gross over 100 million. he has launched actors careers including Eddie Murphy,Nick Cage, Josh Hartnett, Tom Cruise, Denzell Washington, Will Smith....

....bak to king athur-it was a good epic. Too bad it came after troy and before alexander the great. Damn it it lacked the MMMMMPPPPPHHHHH i was lookin for. Keira Nightley (pirates and love actually) looked good/hot-she can be my guinevere anytime after she gets herself a bossom!!!!!!

Mr king arthur himself didnt deliver and God help us all if he becomes the next bond007!!!!!

Anthony Fuqua-is totally to blame for not being able to hold his own in this movie

Verdict-3stars. A must see-so that u can always participate in discussions regarding Bruckheimer movies


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