Saturday, October 23, 2004 own soap...

ladies and gentlemen i have decided to create my own tv soap.and am not talkin bout bold,restless days of our talkin bout a hot prog that will rival melrose and beverly hill90210.damn remember such progs dallas,knots landing....well here comes a nick productshizzle up in this biznich.

1.have u seen the crap the shown on ktn and nation under the guise of kenyan soaps. SHIT!!!! for starters who needs shit in swa-gone are the days of tushauriane and vitimbi we need upto date stuff that wiil make u bubble.
as in where do these guys get off with one-three worded lines????

1st person "umeamka?"
2nd person "eh ndio!"
1st person "ulilala lini?"
2nd person "jana mapema!"
3rd person "eh nyote mmeamka?"........ join as next week where we'll see why they woke up early......

fuck fuck fuck.

as a former play-star-not playboy!!!though with my tight undies u maybe confused! as a former school-play star i know as an actor short lines are crap!!!as a tv watcher i know short lines are crap!
as a reader i know ..... u see u can have a bad actor but he/she'll get away with it cause of good writing!now put a kenyan actor and a bad script=kenyan progs!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.if there's anyone who's watched more movies and tv than i have please feel free to raise your hand... so i can say i am a self proclaimed master of this topic.and who better to come up with one....

3.i gather get characters and give each of them a character and mix and voila...u have got a soap. now add the nick humor and sense of freakiness and darkness and u have a hit!! now add his so-called directorial/writing gifts(so far all been practiced in his head) and u have a kisima award winnin/chaguo la teeniez award winning....if only i could say emmy award winnin show!!!!! so far i have 4households.not necessarily neighbours. rough sketch of first few 2episodes. the rest in the rest in the works

a)-mother who's getting her groove back and not with her husband
-father who's just got himself retrenched and wants to move back to shags
-1st fraternal twin:a loser! calls himself a poet/actor/musician.quit uni to find hinself.was a previous A student lots of potential....
-2nd fraternal twin: goin out with the bicth in the 4th household.
currently in uni.ur typical kawa kenyan. best friends with dude 2 from 2nd household.(or are they just pals?!)
-last born bro(under18):just been busted doin the nasty with girl from household 4


3male cousins moving in together:all not in uni!

cousin 1- his chick either is pregnant or has AIDS! which is better? so far his video library has been rakin in lots of dough-until i stated writin this prog(ha).
cousin 2- some weirdo doin drugs.'best pals' with fraternal twin 2. jobless.possible fag?
cousin 3-fratenal twin 1-the loser known as the artist!!! an underachiever who had set high standards previously.

3girl friends moving in together.all in uni.

chick1: dating cousin 1.she's ur proverbial slut!!!!!(could suck a golf ball thru a 10m garden hose in one breath!) smart slutty and wonder she either has HIV/Pregnantand yes cunniving devious-u have got to love friends with bitch from household 4
chick 2: everythin is just not workin for her.she's ur equivalent female loser. however cousin3/twin2 is the underachiever chick 2 is ur overachiever but shit aint gooin well

chick 3: ur sweet girl.she's the happy go lucky!!! naive! innocent! just got engaged to bro in household 4! her birthday is comin up she has all the luck in her world or so she thinks

Very Rich Family

Mum- no storyline as yet
Dad- No storyline as yet...and u know what happens to people with no storylines...kill em-does wonders for emotional scenes.

1st Born-engaged to chick 3. but all the time been sleepin with chick 1. HIV? Pregnancy could be as a resul of his rich seed!! him and twin 1 are buddies.
2nd Born-A BITCH OF A BITCH! yes we shall redefine bitch with this character. ms high and might of the finest wine,expensive dinners no wonder she is single. should we make her a lesbian?though she has an on off reltaionship wit twin2. best friends with chick 1.
3rd born-under 18 girl caught doin the nasty with boy in household 1.
househelp- the comedian. the one who took the bitches thorn and flower! ha ha her unbitchy days.

and that just on the surface i want complex characters and the only way to go about it is to get other contributing writers.

so wish me luck!!!! oh and if any of the characters sound too familiar to home in future-yes they have been modeled after you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with all the HIV carriers. Is this a new trend...kinda like how pink is the new black? Enough with the disease. Give someone a hunchback or freakin' paraplegic. Reduce monotony or you're gonna be back to those shitty two-liners and then bore us TV and movie buffs as well. KK

11/08/2004 11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm like doing a course on Tv and film production so if u holla at me maybe we can hook up and put the ka soap into action.Nitakuja kucheck for replies and all.

4/14/2005 3:11 PM  

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