Saturday, October 09, 2004

....of movies and tv....

so my dream is to make this an ultimate tv and movie website where we can critique them raw and nasty.why not its free fun!
at the moment am going thru this phase of watchin any tv series on dvd! Have gone thru Oz,Sopranos,CSI,24,Alias,Frasier,Six Feet under,Will and Grace,Roswell,Smallville.....

yes too much time on my hands. yes no life whatsoever...but guess what? your're hear readin this-ur just a big loser as i am.
so guys lets make this website rock!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there, finally finished readin thru all that n thinkin its all just fab! way to still givin u time to think about makin that speech, what say u?????

11/30/2004 5:04 PM  

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