Saturday, October 16, 2004

why i started working out...

yes one nicholas gichu has started doing exercices.
1. yes i am joggin!!!! last time i broke into a jog some mini bus had just backfired.
2.its not fair for girls just to rely on my rugged good looks(working on that dimpled chin also) wicked sense of humor and killer smile... makes it more heathier to sit by the telly all day and night long after u have done some work out-so ooooops there goes that couch potato conscience. much as i hate admitting that pain when u cant barely move ur arms/ walk/ is damn right yummy!!! PAIN rocks!!! yes girlies crcak out those whips, and talon like nails and lets get freaky!!!!
5.sweating after a small walk in the kenyan sun is no longer a turn on-so i need another way to catch em dates.i am telling u the way its been hot in nbi-that sweat mechanism needs to be controlled somehow. u break into a sweat just by thinkin about it-so i gather sweat it all out in a work out and hey no more extra sweat. ur body is either in pain or just plain tired to sweat. so hello to dry t-shirts and briefs!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

get on with ur workout but remember,when ur out to lose weight,routine wont help.jogging aint enough.get into some really stimulating stuff.(al let u know wht really works,but with ur brains u can take a guess)
anyway excercise is just an excuse for some people 2 eat recklessly,it beats the whole idea of good ol'excercise.
and for you buddy,its ur excuse for being a couch potato.ur still one,u admitted it.
but all the same,get with the programme,get off that couch and take up the challenge to outrun me.

11/11/2004 1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are a few words that might help out. GIVE IT UP!! your fat ass is never going to be in shape. Just saving you the pain.I am looking out for you bro. GIVE UP NOW!! before you fail miserably and go back to binge eating. Rejoice in your super sized self.
Just helping out. or am I. hehehe!


11/26/2004 5:02 AM  

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