Wednesday, November 24, 2004


they say u cannot move forward without lookin at where u came from.
the year i ssoon comin to an end and 2004 will be a page in someone's blog as that year.
so knowin me and my love for livin in the past i decided to walk back 10 years and pay a visit to the year that was 1994...

not much happened then.

-was in form 2 back then. fat little blazer wearing,good lookin geek from around the block
-it was the year where legion of doom and the hart foundation rocked wwf. not to mention ric flair and mr perfect...giant gonazales ahd previously won the wrestle mania and hammered the last nail in undertakers coffin.....
-the year of roberto carlos' sigmoid football kick(yaani soray am so sure he played in the 94 world cup;not in the final but he was there)
-bebeto's goals and he's lil dance for his baby
-baggio took italy to the finals and....u know the rest
-if u were a school mate of mine u know it was the year we rocked in the play "SCHOOLS OUT!" oh and the after party late nov-the steaks and the slow dancin (Najma u will always have a place in my arms)
-songs that made this year: i'll make love to u, regulate, can we talk , always in my heart, breathe again,zhane's groove thing,babyface's rock bottom...
-usher was usher raymond singing just call me a mack....he was so small then and we knew that on day he'd grow into his nose.
-KTN had progs like Pros and Cons,Gabrielle's Fire,Roc...shows like sisters were still showin. neighbours was on with akina scott
-my first after shave "kouros" its still there
-high school buddies,damn what happened to kathy sempebwa,stella josaih and iman......
-i run my first cross country marathon.
-i run my last cross country marathon
-oh my god we went on those presidential award expeditions to ngong and machakos...the beginnin of skokes..shit those things were fun.
-took part in first aid with red cross what were we thinkin?!
-went to tigoni for a picnic lunch with school buddies
-my first CD player:and sony kwanza...its still there now obsolete..

ok this article not headed where i thought it was headin so its adios read the next topic


Blogger s! said...

umm.. sorry to burst your bubble and prove that you know jack about soccer.. roberto carlos wasn't even on the '94 team!! dumbass!! ;-)) even their current world cup winning captain cafu came on as a sub in the final.. the wingbacks then were jorginho and branco.. branco himself was no slouch with his left foot.. having scored from 40+ yards against holland.

11/24/2004 8:07 PM  
Blogger Mshairi said...

Hey Nicholas, just discovered your blog! I will be back for more. Keep blogging:)

11/26/2004 8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and welcome to the blogosphere....nice to see more Kenyans blogging from Kenya.

- Ory (aka Kenyan Pundit)

11/28/2004 6:33 AM  
Blogger Nyakehu said...

There are no good-looking geeks, that is an oxymoron.

12/08/2004 2:32 PM  

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