Sunday, November 14, 2004

Bush winning/Oprah

a fellow frined a.k.a A.W.R suggested that of all topics i can write about this should be here goes ....

1.What do i think of bush winning. For starters am still not over Gore losing let alone him winnin the last election.
2.if it was kenya "hiyo ni riggin!!!" would have been my answer my in america where the voting system is "highly effecient" cough cough..except whe nw e have dimpled/pregnant chad!!!!! how could americans vote for him again?!

didnt he call nigeria a continent?? oh i mean Kan-tin-ent
didnt he say "do not misunderestimate me?!" i wanna see the next elections u think bush didnt look like a president. try cheney!!!!

now if i was in the audience when she gave away those cars she'd have gotten her own post on this website.
yeah she's a great host-gets celeb stars...but she's no idol of mine. who am i kidding i envy that rich mathee!! damn and she is looking kinda good oflate...think she need a younger steadman... if she does pass her y email


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its lieura
dont give a damn who wins what in the states,the people there dont even know where our beloved kenya is placed in their atlases.the only tym some o' them got wind of kenya was when Wangari won the nobel and beat the likes of bush to it.
as 4 oprah,lm a great fan once l even thot of writing to her but figured early enough it would be a waste of time since she probably gets millons of funmail most of which is from people requesting her to breathe life into their wildest dreams.l also figured since my wildest dream was to put some sense into some people l see around,it wasnt wild enough for oprah.
oh yes she does look good but trust me,without make up l swear ur nightmares would be brot to life instantly.

11/20/2004 12:45 PM  

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