Saturday, November 27, 2004


after writin th article on desparate house wives i ealised am i too old to have crushes?

over the years the followin have occupied my mind;

-Hilary:from fresh prince. not even the actress but the hilary alone

-that girl from beverly hills withth enose job

-JADA PINKETT: to quote the nutty proffessor when he saw her "MMmmmmh Mmmmmh Mmmmhhh now that's fine!"
just get urself a copy of set it off, Nutty professor1, and Jason's lyrics...

Then Join my club...the jackets are comin out next week

-Teri Hatcher.....give me a T, give me an E,....

-Rachel from friends:especially back when she had curly hair.

-ANANDA LEWIS: mmmmm that girl was hot and knew it high butt!

of late i've done grown old...but yeah those set my heart on fire.


Blogger LifeMoments said...

You will be shocked but mine was with Oprah! yes Her.

11/30/2004 6:29 PM  

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