Saturday, November 27, 2004

Do I have a Stand?

u know one of those topics that people get into and they ask- so what do u think? and of course u wanna sound intelligent like u've had some kinda a formal u pause for the cause, and answer...

i gather there never is a right answer for many things.infact thats why there are 2 ides of a debate and either side could win. so here are a few answers of mine:

-Abortion:This is currently a hot topic.what do i think? i think Abortion is plain murder.Homicide/infanticide...the whole works its wrong...BUT....who am i to speak. Have i had a pragnancy? Do i have any idea as to what females feel-whether it was by mistake,untimed....who am i to judge!!! sure its wrong but doesnt someone have the choice to chose to do what they feel is best for them-even if its wrong!!!!

of cousre i'd rather they live out the full term and have the kid adopted-but is that what really happens in a real world. if i was to knock up someone...even with my high moral stand-this may be actually be an option.
doesnt make me any worse but its just reality!

-Contraceptives: Catholics are so anti-contraceptives and very pro-abstinence.
then there's the other aspect of people who say "people are having sex, so what wrong in advocating safe sex..."

hmmh!!! one group says just keep its zipped, get that chastity belt...other says be safe about it...where to take a either stand wrong?

i say if u cant abstain-try again-no really really try again if not- play it safe...but u guys should see the medical patients in most govt hospitals...guys are dyin out there left right and centre and am not talkin about dental infections

-Flying Out: there's also alot of hulla bulooo. about guys who flew out and became sell outs. HOME IS ALWAYS BEST-but i say if u get a better payin job-run bitch run. if Qatar wants to buy u out-ur soul and citizenship-Run bitch run.(no pun intended to the athletes)

Seriously-its all about the money in the long run. as much as cash shouldnt matter it does...if it means u got to sell out to make ends meet...

why should u struggle in life when u could have it easier. if u could have many opportunities...Am not sayin Money can buy happiness-but it sure doesnt hurt having some!!!!if it aint workin in ur mother land and it can work elsewhere feel free.and if ur patriotic u will come back to kenya with ur cash and help rebuild the nation-kidding-help rebuild more!!!!!!

-POLITICS: uh duh uh....ignorant is as ignorant u know the meanin of apathy and indifference...ask me a political question.

-Chemical Castration(not physical): rape has been on the increase it's an epidemic out there. ok maybe not so much on the increase but let say many more cases are gettin reported to the media and to the police. so women parliamentarians have suggested chemically castrating them.what do i think?

if someone can force himself on a 2yr old-rapin and rippin her...leavin her for dead

if someone has no respect for another human being and consciously choses to violate, demean, disrespect....

if someone has no self control and is controlled entirely by his sexual urges

if someone can have carnal knowledge of his own grandmother

then i say they are lucky to get away with just chemical castration. i say pluck em babies without any local anaethesia!!!!!!

-POLYGAMY: Good One!!!!
if one mood swing aint enough why add on another!!!!
if u cant afford one chick ....
if u easily succumb to headaches...
if u dont remember birthday's...
if ur already married...


Blogger LifeMoments said...

Call me a coward but I aint getting myself into this......

11/30/2004 6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KK says -I applaud you for getting in with the abortion thing and not letting your self righteous BS cloud your reasonably educated mind. I agree, it is a bit tricky. Yes its wrong but according to who's morality is it wrong. But again, unless you're in it you can't speak on it. So way to go for being open minded. As for rapists, pluck their nails out one by one, cut their ears off, and their freaking testes. Then arouse them when their bila balls. Whaddaya think.

12/01/2004 9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicko!! you need to stop sitting on the fence. Make a stand!! you can not have two points of view over an issue. Quit being so P.C!!( just trying to offer encouragement)


12/02/2004 11:58 AM  

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