Tuesday, November 16, 2004

favorite things unsaid

there so many things out there that no one ever mentions and actually everyone thinks about them:and on nmy website we shall bust u. to misquote julie andrews from soundof music"these are my favorite things...raindrops on roses,whiskers on kittens,brown paper packages tied up with strings,apples and stroodles...."

1.who hear doesnt enjoy a deep heart warmin from teh inside to outside loud vibrating and resonating BELCH?
2.who hear doesnt enjoy a deep heart warmin from teh inside to outside loud vibrating and resonating FART?
3.who doesnt enjoy takin a good dump...especially after its been a while.
4.not to mention scratchin down there....
5.yes i know it too u do like the occasional gossip especially if u heard it first or are spreading it first
6.no such joy as new email,sms,or comment on ur blogger.
7.aint it almost orgasmic as ur head is just about to hit the pillow after a hard day of pluckin teeth.am talkin bout the head on my shoulder u perverts!!!!
no greater joy than sleeping. ITS AN UNDERATED FORBIDDEN PLEASURE!!!!
damn it and to think when i was a kid i used to refuse sleep....
8.isnt it just a relief when u wake up in the morning and find u didnt wet the bed?!
9.A good novel,movie,programme-NOT!!!!!! oh isnt it just delicious when u spoil the ending of some novel movie or tv series for some die hard fun-cause u have already wathced it before...woe unto u if u havent finished 24...or alias...
10.now when u see someone falling....isnt that worth fighting for...isnt that worth dying for...ok enough wit the matrix lines
11. pickin out a healthy chunk from your nose. rolling it around into a ball and flickin it far and wide...into your awaitin mouth!
12.a nice piece...who am i kidding...chunk of nyam chom!!!!!
13.When it rains and ur in bed...
14.oh the pleasure from takin good hot chilli...almost better than...
15.oh and an ice cream headache. puttin icecream on ur last molars for like a minute and lettin it suck out heat from your teeth slowly...oh wait a minute ...oh...oh....someone pass me a tissue....
16.number 15 the last part. "O" and not oprah's magazine!!!!
17.gifts on your birthday.emails....it might sound sissy but boy doesnt it hurt and hurt good when no one remembers your birthday!!!!!
18.knowin the lyrics of the in song. in primary we'd compete who could rap the freh prince openin credit..."now this is a story.all bout how my life got twisted/turned upside down...."
19.salary being credited into your account.
20.the fact that u are all readin this...


Blogger s! said...

you green slimy bastard you.. how come you didn't mention the other thing you have in common with R. Kelly.. paedophilia!!

11/16/2004 10:43 PM  
Blogger LifeMoments said...

No: 11 confirms to me what your favourite past time is!

11/17/2004 10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No 11;disgusting
No 8;oh boy l can relate to when the exact opposite happens
No.7;u must have very long days to get ur kicks from hitting the sack
No 15;when u gat a bad mollar,the pleasure can be nightmarish
No 18;l hope as you've come of age you've discovered how getting the lyrics to a song can be a bore. it takes an edge off the beauty of the song.

11/20/2004 1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my God! Nicko
You so Nasty!!!!!you freak.


11/26/2004 5:19 AM  

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