Saturday, November 20, 2004

kenyan stars-a walk down memory lane

i've received hate mail and death threats actually its only from one peson who is the only kenyan to disagree with the question arises do we have kenyan star?!
anonymous aka kk posted that she wouldnt even throw her bra at nameless(albeit funny)

do we have kenyan celebs or are we player haters? is it that we are biased or use western standards to judge or ridicule...

hence i will just mention them and not make a comment let u guys be the critiques!!!!we have come a long way and we're improving with time...look at where we all came from

-TV personalities:
there used to be jimmy gathu way back when...he hosted club kiboko and thru him we knew what videos were in jam-a-delic,rhytmix,kass kass,rap-em,and rastrut....sure they pirated videos and had the audacity to call it a ktn production...but it was alright same league entered lorna irungu,esther mbondo....

the katherine kasavuli's,njoroge mwaura's on news. the kbc crew of which 2 are in VOA esther muthui and vincent makori. akina willie mwangi,mohammed juma njuguna,anne ofula....

Zain Virjee:from a capital fm presenter all the way to cnn. remember when she came to school to that HIV interview and i walked her round...she gave me her card...u think if i called her she'd remember me

lydia manyasi? the epitome of continuity presentation.....

fred obachi machoka-MUSIC TIME

Redykulas: those were celebs until their jokes run drier than mandera

vitimbi and vioja crew.....othorong'ong'o,masanduku,masaku,bin tamaa,ojwang,maliwaza,mama kayai...inspector wariahe...

how bout that lady who used to host a msa production called " mix em gather em" damn she had a huge lisp and hence the convenience of the abridged title

-Radio personalities:

how bout the kbc crew: they hosted saturday night show(SNS)-and would give us the lyrics of freak me on air in such a poetic way
beat time at 4 everyday. the john karani's.....they had a comment for each song and made dubbing from kbc a nightmare-cause all ur tapes would have their voices...cause u would never stop dubbin faster than they could interrupt. i mean john karani had perfected this art he'd talk in the middle of the song.....

leonard mambo mbotela

akina phil mathews and hits not homework...afternoon drive
alex bellfield, dusty rhodes?????

how bout when all the so-called hot presenters were at capital. bob kioko(and his side kick muthoni bwika on hits not homewrok) ,caroline mutoko,pinky,maina kageni,robert warobi... the days nefore kiss etc....

metro fm in 1996 when it was the other u know that metro fm had called itself capital fm then changed.....

-Music personalities:
there was impulse-with jimmi gathu. hit songs like njukia,kilake

5alive-only one is alive at the moment.bob is in radio. chris did omo pick a box and tv ads.vic is still doin music....eric he's the only one who still sings.who was the other kamba dude????? 5alive rocked with songs like 'eh ndio' 'empty grave' 'mashaka'
rare watts
musically speaking.

-anna mwale...ok nothin to do with kenyan music but do u remember her. "excuse me" and "kabuku"

that was intersting and now we have a new breed of kenyan stars who've been the limelite for less than a year and expect praise and fame to be thrown at them.

i say let them pass the famous phase and let them turn popular...a fine line between famous and popular-a very fine line. unfortunately most are well known not well liked


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur a mama's boy i think you skipped a stage on ur childhood........ ati mariah carey sob!!!!!!!!!!!! and who made u judge?????????

11/20/2004 4:43 PM  
Blogger s! said...

jo manze.. were you chronicling while you were growing up?! jamaa, you didn't mention kala mashaka.. they, along with tedd josiah, reinvented the whole music scene manze!
besides, here's another kenyan who doesn't agree with you, and i don't wear no bra either ;-)) i could throw you some jiggers off my feet though!! :-))


11/20/2004 7:25 PM  
Blogger Naomi said...

Haha, I've not laughed so hard in a long time. Last weekend I heard Anna Mwale on KBC Radio (Where else!!!).
Do you still blog here? I hope so.

12/27/2006 10:42 AM  

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