Wednesday, November 24, 2004

MOVIES:-flashback and enjoy

Hey another walk down memery lane.
Do you remember way back when, when action movies were exactly that…damn. Going to the library with your primary uniform on a Friday afternoon after3:45 was the best thing then since answer books in primary mathematics!

Yaani…if u did not get a descent james bond flick e.g a view to a kill or from Russia with love …or if it wasn’t a comedy from police academy series there were boyhood action flicks

-There was the bmx kids and bmx bandits…men it gave us pudgy kids hope in riding bikes
-superman and wonder woman and six billion dollar man and bat man…need I say more
-HOLD ON this is a good one how bout? HE-MAN aka prince ADAM and battle-cat and okoh and the sorcerer!!! “FOR THE POWERS OF GREYSKULL”…and the series even had a spin-off his twin sis SHE-RAH kidnapped at an early age “FOR THR HONOR OF GREYSKULL!”….damn those were cartoons-pass me some tissue and pop corn I need to relive childhood….
-Knight Rider. That car aka KITT damn that car was hot.!!!bullet proof with super pursuit could talk drive on its own…..
-A-Team. From Face,Murdoch,B.A and of course MR T and the bullet proof van
-Karate movies am not talking bout akina bruce lee am talking bout
.No retreat no surrender
.China O’brien aka Cynthia Rothrock
.Best of the Best
.Death before Dishonour
.American Ninja-Michael Dukakis
.Police story
.Karate Kid and Mr Miyagi..wax on wax off….

-Chuck Norris from missing in action to delta force
-of course Arnie in terminator and runnin man
-Sly stallone Rambo and rocky
-Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in classics like See no evil hear no evil, and another train comedy I forget the name but had the name strikes or something
-what happened to finding golden girls, or cosby show at the end of movies or finding asian movies after the movie-some damsel was always in distress bein chased far and wide screamin ‘nahi’
-hey we all grew up with BREAKDANCE: Ozone,electric boogaloo and Kelly!!!
-Eddie Murphy in movies like trading places, 48 hours and Beverly hills cop

How bout the early nineties phase of black movies. In high school u were not black till u watched
.BOOMERANG-with killer line ‘love shoulda brought ur ass home last night’
.POETIC JUSTICE –killer line ‘wanna smell my punani’ irony it was about a poetic chick called justice
.MENACE TO SOCIETY- killer lines ‘I’ll suck ur dick’ “Nigga what the fuck u say!”
.ABOVE THE RIM-don’t remember any lines but we all remember REGULATE by Warren G and Nate Dogg….’one of em girls was sexy as hell I said ooh I like ur…’ ‘…the took my rings they took my rolex i looked at the brother and said damn whats next…’’ …they got guns in my head ,I think am goin down, I cant believe this happenin in my own town…if I had wings I would fly…’
.SPIKE LEE MOVIES From Malcolm X, Get on the Bus, to Jungle Fever…hey porn wasn’t easily available this was the nearest best thing.

-speakin of the nearest best thing. How bout Fatal Attration, Basic Instinct and Sliver.
VIVA SHARON STONE-grrrrrrrrrrr prrrrrrrrrrrrr hrrrrrrrrrrr meaouw!


Blogger LifeMoments said...

The part of going to the library is the one I remember and cherish most. Gosh I miss them days!

11/30/2004 6:27 PM  

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