Monday, November 22, 2004

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1. hey i watched 'Exorcist:The beginning' this weekend.and damn it i did like the damn thing. its not ati scary but it has some intense scenes that will keep u at the edge of ur totally biased since i believe the original exorcist was the best horror of my time. i was so spooked by it back in 1992 i gave horros a break. damn its not just scary it was demonic the actual belief that the devilwsa inside this cute girl who was masturbating with a crucifix screamin FUCK ME FUCK ME... that was some good shit

and in this one its obviously the prequel and based on the sit where lucifer actually landed on earth after he was cast away from heaven.

damn it watch the damn movie and u'll see what am talkin about.

my other verdict is i cant wait for scary movie 4 to see how it spoofs this movie. ladies and gentlemen if u watched scary movie2 you must have enjoyed the exorcist part---damn it JAMES WOODS did justice. the say imiation is the greatest flattery-but hat scene in scary movie 2 was just the BOMB!!!!!!

2.i watched manchurain candidate with denzell. YAWN. i mean what was meryl streep thinkin for cryin out loud!!!!! ok story line my verdict wiat for it on tape...better yet let someone borrow it then u borrow it from them

3.OH yes the new JERRY BRUCKHEIMER movie opened at number 1. hell yeah. this is his 3rd collabo with nic cage-the rock,con air being the other 2...

4.movies am waiting for

-oceans 12. oh yeah all eleven are back with zeta jones
-meet the fockers!!! everyones's back with dustin hoffman and streisand playin his parents.
-hitch: the new will smith movie saw the trailer and it was hilarious.damn this yr smith has spun i-robot and shark tale mega bucks hope he's keepin my jada pinket happy!!!!!
-taxi: i kow its opened but u just gotta love queen latifah!!!
-the grudge
-alexander: hey soray am a sucker for oliver sone movies and i have to watch it first to see if it really is crap. if u watched JFK,PLATOON,ANY GIVEN SUNDAY,WALL STREET,BORN ON THE 4TH OF JULY u'll see why i beg to differ....


Blogger s! said...

dude, i watched Natural Born Killers and Platoon, and loved them , which is why i'm saying you're SO gonna hate this one.. but anyways, watch it for yourself, waste your not-so-hard-earned money ;-))

11/23/2004 3:49 AM  

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