Tuesday, November 16, 2004

of kenyan music...

a new friend of mine asked me to write about kenyan music-she's called lieura.at first i jumped at the chance -i had enough to write about criicising it...trashin it...showin no mercy...but then i realised wait a minut this is kenyan music we're talkin about.
1:most kenyan music sounds good. basic production and teh songs have u whistlin an chantin the tune. e.g an ogopa song sounds bloody good.i mean all those collabos of e-sir and others. kleptomaniax. nameless....
2.and thats where the compliments stop....for cryin out most kenyan music is lyrically challenged. most songs dont make any sense e.g
boomba train
fever-aka fintiva
jua la nyesha,mvua la waka

no don't u throw in literary/poetic license at me. am talkin bout basic sense.
most lyriccs are kiddish. childish with very immature sense of rhymin like some nursery school poem(yes that what i think of r kelly as well)

3. am not one for messages in music. but a whole song on booze?! keroro!!! please and u see the bloody song sounds so damn good.....but at the end of the day....

lets not talk bout the song called 'manyake' all sizes juala jua wahitaji

meukatia mamboch!?

yes very good messages we are sending our children.

oh and eric wainaina if ur reading this: songs on corruption and patriotic songs dont do it for me!!! please dont sing about potholes or traffic or anything else. if u want to make a social stand-write essays.take part in debates. heck even open ur own website....

4. who on the earth said a kenyan song has to be in swahili or in english????
i have been rackin my brain for an english kenyan song......

ideally i hope 'sema' are readin this.
this is the only kenyan group that i can say have good singin voices...u are our only salvation.

5.most kenyan singers have no talent in music writin or singing.
music writin-they are not born musicians.dont know music itself. hold on...i know u dont have to know music to be a singer. true-Whitney houston and Celine Dion dont write their own music actually i dont hink they know how to.

my point is if u dont have the talent dont write-let others do it for you

now the other point is apart from "Sema' "wyre" possibly mercy myra...who on earth can ever win a grammy in kenya

6.collabos: ok ive had enough of this...i hate it when rkelly does it or missy or...stop imitatin...if ur gonna do a bloody duet do one but dont just pox into someones video....

7.piracy: yah right like am advocating for anyone-i say with kenyan music listen to kiss fm. borrow someones's cd written cd and enjoy it.


Blogger LifeMoments said...

Well I promised myself not to get dragged into this....so I won't say a word...

11/17/2004 10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree the beats are definitely bumping but the damn songs make no sense. Honestly, I don't care too much for the ziki, it is the freaking musicians who make me want to denounce my citizenship. Claiming they are celebs!!! Celebs to who exactly? I can't even imagine myself throwing my bra at Nameless, who I must say I met during one of his stops in their US summer tour. He is very mellow and down to earth but what's with the signing autographs. And chics were actually throwing themselves at him and you can see how weak he is. I truly can't deal with their imaginary celebrity status. Buying clubs and hoopdies. Yet I'm the first to log onto the standard newspaper online to read pulse and proceed to get more pissed. I don't know. You gotta love them, but you just hate em!

11/18/2004 11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi nick
thx for taking my cue.
but l beg to differ;SEMA.....what exactly dyu see in them.truthfully,l think they're catching up with the kenyan craze out to make a quick buck.only thing l like abt the group is sanaipei,she has excellent PR skills.o'wise sema-formerly known as-popstars,there's really nothing to write home about.
for now al stick to my approach;going by kenyan standards,our celebs are news reporters and news anchors.l spotted mongolo signing autos and clearly l was buffled on how we're running short of celebs.
l told you we should form a duet and now that ur cold is gone, we should really bring some sanity back to our music industry.
l agree myra,naz,wyre have something going.the rest of the guys ........CRAP.
ps;is it just me or is that dude Nonini in need of a serious workout +psychoanalysis.
and whats with all the aping and nudity(read Moniq)she's trying out some stunts l last heard are the in-thing at F2.
sorry was s'psed to talk abt the music but got carried away.
lemmi know when we can do that collabo.l promise l wont steal ur thunder.l myt just call up the king of collabos himself(Mr lenny)
ur one and only Lieura

11/20/2004 2:01 PM  

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