Sunday, November 14, 2004

tumechill! NO sex!!

of late there's been this teenage ad on tv that promotes or advocates for abstinence. for those out of the country it includes numerous boys and girls ages 13-18 sayin that they are too young to indulge in some 'dippin' main message is no sex-they are still young. then there is another add that has guys(boys) saing that to be a man they have to grow up first and then thionk like a man...

in all honesty i think the idea of the add is great!!!!its about time people also discussed the abtinence issue a bit..

now apparently the idea was brought about not cause of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS
but apparently kids nowadys especially rich kids indulge in orgies all night long.(boy didn't i get invited to the wrong parties...or did i go to the wrong schools)

but the prob with the add most of those kids look like crazy kids. the add sounds like "no way am never gonna have sex-again!"
or "no way am gonna have sex-not after that last bout of clap i got from her!!!!"
or "never again will i give out herpes as a going away present!"

so i hope the youth catch a decent meaning from that ad!!

as for me am gonna loook out for those cuties and pull an R.Kelly/M.J on them!!!!

until then y'all just chill!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical Nicko perying on Kidangas!!! I just juad there was something fishy about your punk ass. Eti I am keeping my self for the right person. what hogwash.
Umechill for those young mamas. freakin perv.gotcha!! hehehe! wacha ni chill.
BTW this is DAVO

11/26/2004 4:49 AM  

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