Tuesday, November 02, 2004

went back to acad!!!!!!

My GOD the memories that came back,flashed back.its like bein in the past-with everything different yet all the same. all the boards at the reception were there...famiiar names-damn if only the tears in my eyes could let me finish readin them

met mr mbuthi-the new dean of students..the place is full british and all.igcse and ib sytems rule and now the have class7-form 6equivalents.waited for mr kariuki but am sure he was busy terrorising some class in math.ms echessa was in a class and since i met her last week i didnt wait.

met gideon-librarian(a whipped out my card to help a brother out!) john the caretaker.shadrack the book-keeper(he stil has a nasty atttude) a few lab-techs that in the past were unamused by certain broken beakers and water fight with distiled water.

apparently i think only four teachers remain. chadri went to the states.ruo retired/went to oshwal.raval=oshwal. omar and bhutt=retired long long long overdue.kamaara,gichuki=movedon to fresher waters. owala=like all movie sequels came back!!!!

it was bitter sweet being back to a plcae i gave 6 years too...and sady i knew i wasnt gonna reply unless the careers councillor calls me back to give a talk...ha ha ha


Blogger s! said...

kwani you havent been back to acad since u malizaed or what?!! yeah even i was shocked to go back and see for myself the changes that have taken places.. the best part is when most of the watotos there don't even know you, but you're being eulogised by the teacheys.. yeah, thats cool!!


11/02/2004 10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just can't believe they went all British. Oh my Ms. Butt? Surely they must have had a great party for her retirement. Okoth je? Super. And what had taken you there? Your usual udaku I presume. KK

11/02/2004 10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oy!! Nick
what where you doing back at AKAD. Don't tell me they called you back to give a career talk. Is the Cute Career Counselor still there.Mrs Kashangaki there?( or was it Miss, letter a brother dream).
Anyway why would they call you to give a talk? have they lost their mind? hehehe! just kiddin or am i?


11/26/2004 4:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SEma Nick...was browing thru your blog (pretty interesting I must say). Read ure piece on acad, and must say, brought back sweet memories of my I.B dayz. Cant believe Chadri bounced..dude was the sweetest thing ever. (despite the fact that he witnessed me having a full blown fight with my bro (lol, slaps were being thrown around), my mom was driving, couldnt stop us, i looked out the window, and his car was like right beside ours..his mouth open in astonishment). Next day after chem class, he calls me for some chitchat abt the incident. so emberassing. Not to mention some major drama I had with Mr. Raval the bio dude. will leave out the details...its not my blog afterall. ;) Ruo, shadrack, wandera, mwangi...damn, i've forgotten so many names, what a shame.

1/09/2006 3:44 AM  

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