Sunday, November 14, 2004

what brought me to my knees

this past week i have been a victim of the worst of all muggers.worse than being held hostage by someone with a gun.yes ladies and gentlemen who read my column i had been held hostage by a COLD!!!!!

Damn i was its BITCH!!! i must have acquired some pure strain from nyeri-nothing but the best for me. DAMN NYERI!

yaani...started with my right nostril...a slow incipient itch slowly started workin its magic to my right nostril..spreadin its evil!!!trust me a nail up my mouth would help. there was that itching up there somewhere that ruled my mouth.that bitch had me callin out its name.

ofcourse it started descending down to my throat-destroying all my cute tissues...swallowing,breathing and talkin was painful.fever. my whole head hurt. nasal drippings aplenty.i could clear 3handkerchiefs in an hour. red eyes. my throat felt like velvet being stroked the wrong way.

oh and the mucus was at first light the the that drops out so first even before u reach for tha precious hanky. then with time it gets viscous and blowing ur nose requires some energy.cause when u want to clear ur nose it includes mucus from ur nose reaching all the way to the back of your throat. am talkin about an improvement of 90%in ventilation by the time you're through. now this one soaks up the hanky and makes it heavy and yellow.....lets not mention the fact that you have rubbed the skin under your nose-its tender and bright red.
and right now my voice has gone and hurts like 2 hells.

as i was tellin a friend of mine-i discovered,however, that a plate of sukuma lubricates that throat so well "karaoke" was my middle name for a while.

but until am set free-am still sniffling,sneezing, prayin for mercy!!!!


Blogger LifeMoments said...

If only you could see me and how miserable I look and feel with the cold am having right now.

I can't trace its origin, but one thing I know is that there is a collegue who had a cold last how it got to me; is hard to tell.

With the little medical knowledge I have (thanks to my biology teacher), I have been taking plenty of lemons (even now my clothes are smelling of dimu) and liquids. So you can try this and see if it works.

11/16/2004 4:53 PM  

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