Tuesday, December 21, 2004

20th December 04

Lets try something new. Most of the guys who blog treat their blogs like some kind of journal/diary…I’ve treated mine like a forum for stand up comedy routines…missed portions of my childhood…repressed inhibited emotions that I have always had deep inside ...kinda like the hulk or spiderman…

Anyway…so today I’ll try doing what the norm is doing, I shall update you on my day…its 8.10pm 20th December 2004. Am in Nyeri-the land of cows and pure dust. The place is so fertile, plants grow even on tarmac..and as I as keep telling you here rain rains sideways defeating the purpose of an umbrella.

So I reached here at 8.45 am in the morning. Worked straight up till 1.30pm. By straight up I mean continuosly without seating. By the time I was through I could feel each bone in my spine, had developed an attitude!!! So diagnose, inject, extract, medicate, appoint, refer… and since it was a Monday- lets just say the patients were many…

So missed out on lunch…it’s all good!!!

Went to my cousin’s place where I normally claw on supper…we went to town. Walked under that blithering, cursed, wretched hot sun…checked my mail..upodated my blog and chatted with “the other half”

Bought sandwiches (decided I’ll go to their place tomorrow for dinner)

Came home discovered the hard way- that the water had been disconnected( OUCH!!!!!)
If anything can ruin your mood that’s it.

Now am relying on the water that’s in the geyser; meaning that showering is out of the option-did u read the part about the hot sun…as in you can track the sweat stains down my t-shirt and shirt….I define the words drenched! Sweatshirt and sweat band! THANK GOD FOR DEODORANT!!!

Right now priority face,teeth and hands!!!!!!
So flashing the loo will be done tomorrow morning when I dash to pay the bill.

So my mood is ruined, but hey, who else will know the reason for my mood swing tomorrow??

Otherwise now shall go have my cold bhajias, sandwiches and yoghurt-that should block my pipes won’t need to go for a number 2 till they reconnect or am back in Nairobi…in fact I’ll pee outside today full moon and all…

Hey this journal thing rocks I might decide to keep it up.

Wish me luck…problem is will they reconnect by tomorrow after I come home from work?????....until then keep them arm pits free and aerated….


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have fun extracting teeth! yikes my hand still hurts from all the extractions i have done this past week.

12/22/2004 6:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

people blog from Nyeri? Na hiyo ni maendeleo :). Kui

12/29/2004 3:00 AM  

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