Saturday, December 18, 2004


so what was that like...actually it was just nice and dandy for me...i've seen kids on oprah sheddin tears cause they were over weight sayin crap like "i eat cause am stressed and am stressed cause i eat" F&#@! that

i worked my weight to my advantage... now u see the trick is havin a sense of humor about it and actually being able to laugh at your self.

now i was funny, and smart too.. trust me,u dont want to be the fattest kid and dumb no no no no...u have to have an upper hand somehow

now the funny thing bout bein fat-its not just a school thing but relatives have to have there jokes at xmas,its hey lets open the gifts and diss nick. kids in the neighbourhood have to throw in their jokes....but i learnt fight fire with fire and a smile.

"hey fatso" and then came the reply "hey peter-pupu whats up?" smile(heck throw in a kiss and a hug)

trials and tribulations:

-guys would jump on me for a piggy ride(now i know why its called a piggy ride cause i sure was the piggy) there i am walkin mindin my own busines an WHAM!!!!! PIGGY RIDE!!!
-i had to have custom made uniform from school outfitters-damn it u couldnt just walk in and get a pair of shorts just like that
-lets not talk about gettin swimmin floaters. none could pass thru my shoulders so i learned how to swim the old fashion way.....natural!!! better believe fat floats
-i'd have problems squeezin in between my desk and chair
-nick names(read previous posts)
-oh the the countless wedgies!!and am talkin bout the shorts not the undies!!
-hey but i did look cute in the scouts uniform
-i was a goalie by default
-every one loved me....i gotta blow my horn i was a cute fat kid!!!!!
-...and a funny one too....
-relatives and there cheap jokes
-kids tryin to trip u.... see if this mass can tip over and faaaaalllll!!!!
-oh the agony of a simple jog! lap around the field!

all in all. next time u see a fat kid-damn it smile and say hello he deserves it!! Not all fat kids are a mess...i mean mass... i mean mess...they have pride and self respect. Who says being fat aint cool!!!!

anyway i lost weight(some of it) and lookin back i can say yeah i was the fat kid in school...and look at me now. Where are u skinny punks that used to strut their stuff now!!! where are u silly girls that called me names and thought u could hurt me...well where are u now....

i cant hear you...

obviously i still have some unresolved issues...


Blogger LifeMoments said...

I feell you brother!

But this explains alot about your psychological disorder!

12/20/2004 11:35 AM  
Blogger Lola said...

Thanks for that uplifting advice...

12/20/2004 11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Miss PIGGY'S sisters. hehehehe!. Stop lying bowy! you have not lost the weight. I almost jumped on you for a piggy ride the last time I saw you.

Still hatin as ever.

12/21/2004 12:16 AM  

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