Friday, December 24, 2004

happy xmas everybody

to all the avid readers and fans wishin u a merry xmas(though am not exact in festive spirit) but may all ur wishes come true and hope the next year is less shitty ....cheers everyone!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Nick!!!!

Merry Merry Christmas!!!! A pleasant surprise on your website. Ha! ha! Ha! I see what you do with your past time. Is that why you are not dating?? :) Does your mother know what you do with your free time? We need to tell her to keep you on a leash.

Having a romance with the web??? :)

Say hello to your mum. Luton is cold and we are having a wonderful time. Hope that you can visit real soon. Maybe even plan on staying. I think you might find some really nice looking and smart young professional who could challenge your intellectually abilities. Ha! Ha! Ha! A misquote from your favourite past time; movie watching. Can you guess which one? If you do, I'll buy you a gap sweatshirt.

Keep me posted on new developments.

Please mind your language others are reading.

12/28/2004 12:05 AM  

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