Tuesday, December 21, 2004

..my bad...

KK: my bad girl. but remembe my woeds of advice. screw the states come here suffer with the rest of us. as for JM i wonder if he saw my post on him. hee hee hee did u see davo threaten to report me to marshall cause of ur sis

Davo: how bout 2 freakin sentences foo!!! damn had forgotten u were classmates with marshall and to think we had accepted u as one of us...u old foo!!!!!!!
Now if u decide to pull a george michael/lets go outside theme...remember i warned u

Lieura: sup girl?! hmmh u share a urinal see what i mean...but as for the rentokils just next to the loo that's just nasty!!!!

soray: whats so funny bout bein called St Nick!? eh eh

Davo: anything to make this child happy. ati u jump on me for a piggy back ride...now what's wrong with his pic??????????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is more like it.BTW I am not old, you are the one who is old and lying to people over here. I am still very concerned about you checking out KKs sista.Nimekustaki.Mash will be calling you soon. Lets see wiggle out of this one.Infact if I was you, I would just move to Nyeri and stay there.hehehehe!


12/22/2004 9:12 PM  

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