Saturday, December 18, 2004

..oh and y'all got jokes....

-whats with all the hating and dissing. i know i can act and that's a fact. sure ive gone for numerous voice over auditions and never got called back... does that mean anything??? dont think so.

-i have never been admitted or been seen as an outpatient in a mental shrink is very private and confidential so lets give him some respect thank u very much.

-yes i do have issues to deal with but dont we all. first step is admittin it, the second is writin bout it,the 3rd well-hopefully-make good money out of it!!!!

-ok who ever asked, yes am a dentist!!! a very good and professional one. and broke too....

-david:hey there. niaje bro!!! are u happy now that i have mentioned u!! u got to stop hating and accept that u just a big loser like i am!!!

-Jeremiah:screw u and ur "i love tarantino sorority club"
let me guess... the next meetin to discuss the movie is at ur digs the theme is "hero!" wear anythin in pink!!!!!!!!!!!!

-am gonna get a toungue lashing from the above comment!!!

-torments:hmmmmmm if u werent an ardent follower u'd have gotten it right up.....

-lieura:hey we're on our 8th annivearsary still having not met. mingi love keep it blogged

-other half: hurry hurry come back damn it!!!!!

-soray: what happened to that club of ours SNK,NSK,KSN...

-KK:ur sis finally did find my clinic..she all grown up now!!!no comments bout the toungue ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger LifeMoments said...

So I can see someone has discovered the art of hating through words. All I can say is let the words begin.

12/20/2004 10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it when you mention me in your blog spot. I'm so vain. Glad you noticed the tongue ring. I miss you so! I was kinda hoping I was the other half you are begging to hurry back and then two sentences down I see my name and my special comment. So disappointing.


12/20/2004 11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicko!! A sentence??!! a freakin sentence?!!! That is all I get? for all those hours I wasted reading your blog I get a sentence?! You know, you think you know someone and then they do such upuzi. BTW I chekied what you wrote about KKs sista( wassup KK, how is you?). Ati,she is grown. Wait till I tell Mash that you were checking out his small sis! yeah I am a hater, lakini uta-do!!!!
PS: mash wil be calling u soon courtesy of me.heheheh!


12/21/2004 12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Nick
lotsa love ryt back at ya.
yeah,8 short weeks.funny how time flies when ur having a ball.

12/21/2004 11:29 AM  

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