Saturday, December 18, 2004

thats when u know ur old!!!!

so am a budding 25 year old. strong,energetic,happy-go-lucky...but u'd think am ok-hell freakin no.

turnin 25 was like the worst thing ever...i was kickin and screaming-resisting and fightin...and just when i convinced myself hey its all dawned on me "HA now ur turnin 26!!!!"

as much as guys think its cool to be older...that added respect that comes with a beard, cracked voice...none of us is ever happy that they are turnin older...

so am makin my piece way way before i turn 26 that screw age! screw feeling shitty!!! am a tough old guy.....

...and thank God i have till March!

so what are the signs that things arent as hickory dickory as they should be:-

-thinkin about medical insurance or a will;damn whats that all bout. thinkin bout the future and takin responsible action to safeguard any event that may arise. damn!!!

-thinkin bout financial investments and security...oh once u go down that road just pack ur playstation away.

-actually the whole "thinkin thing"

-u go to the entertainment centre in sarit centre-obviously to play games....and the attendants ask u if ur lookin for ur child?! what the f....?!!! punk am here to play !!!!!

-every chick u meet u start scrutinising if she's marriage/wife material.

-u discover that actually, weddings are a very good place to meet other old single people(ciku if u readin this i will call u!)

-u discover the meaning of empathy!? u actually give a damn about someone else's misfortune!

-u actually care about someone else's feelings. HA!

-paternal clock starts ticking.the sight of kids makes u feel warm(not in an MJ kinda way[MJ if u readin this am sorry])

-in contradiction to the above statement:being called uncle at first used to lift ur spirits...but now its like bein kicked in the ankles!!!! what a demeanin thing to be called..."uncle nick!!!! uuuuuu...nkle...!!!" child dont make me slap u across ur face!!!!!!

-listenin to 'sundowner' or 'memories are made of this'....and u can actually sing along with them golden oldies!!!!

-the phrase "catchin up with long time friends" actually applies.

-u no longer have a best friend just tight buddies

-God becomes an integral part of your life!!! u get more spiritual if not religious...not a bad thing but a sign!!!!

-u meet ur previous teachers and u realise-that they weren't the smartest hings on earth...

-u were there in the advent of the remote control, internet, more than one tv channel..sms's.....

-u wish u could cry at some moments but u just dont have the goddamn energy

-the day u realise ur best days were when u were in school!!!!

-u start unleashin advice on school, growing up....all from memory without even havin to think about it

-love songs make sense

-the fact ur readin this goin "mmmmh hmmmm...i hear u!"

-u've spotted a gray hair in ur pubs

-u realise that workin/job is a mundane monotonous routine that will be over at 5 only to begin again the next day.lose zeal for life...if ur like the most of us ur paid less than ur worth and just enough to keep u comin back for more!!!!!

i hope with that i have totally made u feel old and shitty...all in a day's work!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gray hair in your pubies???? Oh honey that's so sad. I can't wait for your March. I'm gonna laught at you so hard. I've come to terms with it coz I think I look can ask JM. But all in all, I can relate


12/20/2004 11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually it doesnt bother me that lm heading 2wards midlife crisis at least l ll have an excuse for unpredictable mood swings.
PS;not every 25 yr old gal thinks every man she meets is hubby material.
anyway we age but inside we all remain the same person-Nick ur still fatso.

12/21/2004 11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah growing older sucks, really sucks but for me beauty is my weapon against nature. lm getting better with age.
u were the fat smart kid ,l was the smart,not-so-pretty duckling as a kid but l tell u Nick, aging has been my respite.l got my big break in my teens and yeah its an ongoing proccess.u should see me.
lets save that for our 9th anniversary when u come down my chimney as Santa like u promised.

12/21/2004 12:44 PM  

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