Monday, December 20, 2004

Urinal Rules

so i go for a movie the other day and decide to take a leak...a huge ass urinal. empty. so i stand by the corner and do my thing...then this guy comes and stands just right next to me and starts doin his thing...for cryin out loud there was an open space out there and he decides to invade my privacy...and encroach.Punk ass fool!

so i gather there should be some written rules out there with regards to urinal moments

1.let there be atleast one urinal between the two of u
2.let there be atleast a metre between the two of u-sideways or if ur waitin in line!
3.peepin is plain nasty!!!! Staring-JUST WRONG!!!
4.Avoid the whole waterfall/gravity kinda leak. aim for the bowl-avoid dolby surround sound effects
5.Whistling is welcomed
6.Unwelcomed-macho tactics: tryin to kill a fly, spellin ur name, actin like ur holdin a baseball bat....
7.To quote "hot chick"... "u shake it more than twice that's playin with yourself!!
8.Shake with the fingers-not with ur whole body and soul!!!!! like ur in some rock concert. no head shakin. no shoulder shakin. no crotch shakin!!!
9.Eye contact not necessary!
10.Quick hello's not necessary!!!!
11.Heck not even a smile..what is this some kinda a brotherhood bond??? NOT!!!!!
12.atleast pretend to wash your hands!
13.unzipping would help!


Blogger kashata said...

eew+ hahaa on your rules,it's things like these that make me proud to be a woman(can u hear me roar?)

12/20/2004 9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicholas??? are we projecting? have we been harassing people in the toilets. Remember what happened to George Micheal.Would want that happening to you. Then again, it would be hilarious.ama?


12/21/2004 12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop being picky and be a man.
unless of course ud prefer the Ladies-which comes with the full package-rentokils and all.u know.
Davo's right,what happened to G Michael shldnt have happened,it only did bcoz of fussy guys like you.
and anyway ur in kenya,privacy is a foreign term.

12/21/2004 1:01 PM  

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