Saturday, January 15, 2005

The art of flashing

now so many of u out there act all mad when someone flashes you on their cell phone.
now most kenyans are plain cheap!!!-so get that out of the one wants to spend money on you...and i on the other hand dont want u spending your cash on me

personally i will never flash u to tell u to call me unless we are on some pre-arranged agreement that when i flash call me back-perhaps using the office phone...but never so that u can use your credit on me...

so after all that has been said why flash?????? means just hey! and all u have to do is flash back and i'll know u sayin hey right back at me!!!!
2.i could be checkin if ur phone is on so that i can sms you
3.its late at night and i just wanna bug someone by waking them up
4.where's my reply fool!!!! yes i sms'd u asking you somethin so i wanna know where's my sms and what the reply is
5.we had agreed we meet somewhere and a flash means am here nigga where u at?!
6.means i have no credit to reply or call you but i've got your message loud and clear!!!
7.ok i wanna see if you will call back (giggle)


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