Wednesday, January 05, 2005

childhood games

Childhood Games:

Do u remember?

-laying goosey eggs in hide and seek
-the rendezvous of the tip of your moccasin shoe with someone’s butt a.k.a “Bendings”
-chobo mob? Chobo ngoto?
- playing nyabs? Or bano? With terminologies like: sugary’s, bombies, oily’s, spidery’s, steeley’s
Behind the pill
crackings no payings?
(Water always tasted so nice after a game of bano. U’d rinse inadequately and drink away.
During the term of bano’s many a pockets would get torn cause of the marbles)

-shake? Double line free pass
-British bulldog (I was a pros in this one! Sure the chubby one could not run but I could sure pull down people’s P.E shorts and waddle on to safe zone!)
-“hicho!” or “Hee” the same as tag
-hee of the feet
-cops and robbers
-doctor doctor: a group of like 5-10 kids hold hands then u all intertwine and loop away. And u call the doctor to come and unfold y’all
-Remote control games
-going to sarit centre or yaya to the entertainment arcade. Or pop-in or Nairobi sports house …games like shinobi, mortal kombat kicked ass!!!
-game and watch-akina donkey kong!
-ken and Barbie…Kati/bladder for the girls that is!!!!!!
From a ball made of sisal rope and papers.
Or from many paper packets of juice- I was so sporty then what ever happened???
-flicking each other with the school tie. For added leverage u’d add water and mud at the end
-riding car tires with fence posts. Oh and for that extra smooth ride a bit of water inside the tire would do the trick
-table tennis
-board games and card games
-broken telephone
-Dancing chairs-or what’s its name??? U all go round chairs till y’all sit down
-magic: at one point we were all magicians-heck I know a few of you who were kiini macho fans!
-bic pen. metal wire. Orange peels-shoot to kill
-paper planes
-kiss commander promise
-G.I Joe action figure
-toy guns(I still got me one)

oh the joy of childhood. The innocence….


Blogger s! said...

my god ur an idiot!!

'dancing chairs'!! - musical chairs you freak!! were you already chewing miraa then?

'kiss commander promise'!! - and those gay tendencies surface again.. it was 'kiss command or promise'!!

i gotta say though you're really in touch with your childhood manze!! i had sahaued all them names!!

1/05/2005 6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Saru

I also wondered about that Kiss Commander thing.
Glad somebody set the record straight

Shame on you Nick for messing up our childhood memories ati Kiss Commander! :)

Some on the list I have never heard of..and one game was either missing or you know it by a diff name. The game played with the inner lining of a soda bottle top: we called it Paa.

But Kati and Bladder rock


1/07/2005 11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Nicko?? what about Kalongo? I know you liked that game. You strike me like one of those perverted kids. Ati telling the chicks 'lets play cha baba na cha mama'1 minute into the game. Nicko huyo, 'lets go and sleep' Nicko gets slapped, small gal runs home crying. tsk!! tsk!!!

what about 'adventure'? better recongise

-Davo aka Daud the Rude( Soma Lebo!!!!)

1/08/2005 1:38 PM  
Blogger kashata said...

down memory lane we go..we were such creative kids,epecially with the bladda,do u remember when it reasched the level where the bladda was on peoples foreheads.(olympics gymnasts hadn't shit on us),and i must confess i loved Kini macho and even made my first Tv appearance ever on that show.*blushing and running away in shame*.

1/10/2005 7:34 PM  

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