Saturday, January 08, 2005

Daud the Rude!!!!

where do i start and how do i end.

1.negro!!!! for starters- its a good thing u chose my blog to make ur big breakthru u know i gots me some readers
2.For those not knowin this Daud the Rude is one David W in USA.a renegade kenyan. if u thought soray was an outlaw torn..David is an outlaw messed up in every possible screwed up way.
3.daud the rude-we embrace u-hey we never disown our own. get urself ur own blog and stop hating on mine!!!!! how do we fix you up "the rude" how do u help one who is way way way out of reach for help!!!! for that cha baba cha mama...that was funny!!!!
6.nothing wrong with regressing...u can only move forward if u know where u come from!
7.talkin of me stealin soray's lines....didnt a certain someone plagerise MR T's "i pity the fool!!!"


Blogger s! said...

i am bitterly disappointed you missed out on two of my favouritest games manze!!

-'bota': we'd make a track in the murram using a dustbin, and race bottletops and caps from oil cans by flicking them with your thumb and index finger.. damn man, we'd go in to class at 7.45 already grimy and fingers bleeding and all!!

-'table football': our own kienyeji version of 'foosball'.. a cardboard box laid flat and a soccer field drawn on it.. and 11 players (bottletops).. and we'd use the big grey buttons for a ball!! damn man i was school champion in class 6! ;-))

1/08/2005 6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-Nickodemus!!! you are lucky I choose your blog to air my vitriol. Feel honored punk.I am spreading my
unique brand of tough love or is it hate?
-An outlaw!!! an outlaw!!You damn right!! (que outlaw cowboy music). Daud the rude enters scene.Clank! Clank! Clank!. Stops. Straightens cowboy hut. Spits. Walks out.
And scene!!! Better recognise
-Nicko, Why should I get a blog when there is your......for me to poop on!.
-Fix me?? Nicko come now. Let me ask you, how do you fix perfection?
-Yeah I know you liked that cha mama and cha baba. Si you were superstar in the esto. Baba number 1!
-Ati looking back to go to the future. Lie to yourself tu.
-I really do pity the fool. I did not plagarise. I borrowed. There is a difference.

-Davo aka Daud the rude(lebo yako iko wapi?)

1/12/2005 5:34 PM  

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