Friday, January 28, 2005


Frustration that is:

Ok so I finally got myself a comp(hooray!!!!-cue the drums and the cheer leaders in their kinky outfits…) now everything seemed like it was in working order…until the monitor looked like it needed some jump starting.. the floppy drive ain’t working…actually it is since it keeps wanting to format all of my discs. Was so frustrated, I decided- what the hell-FORMAT!!!! To which it replied “ the disc cannot be formatted!!!”

So a few hairs have been yanked out. ( I might as well help my receding hairline!)

Funnily enough no curse words have been spewed…a possible reason could be that am too busy gnashing my teeth straining my jaw muscles..blood shot eyes like the previous junkie I was(literary freedom)…pulsating veins in my forehead( I know… I know… veins don’t pulsate.But trust me that aint no blue coloured artery!!!!)

The thought of going back to the comp place in town infuriates me considering I didn’t tip the watchman,as I trollied off with my new comp!I hate imperfections(if that wasn’t mentioned in my pet peeves….)

Am unhappy and unamused.

I shall live to see another day!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicko, See what you get for buying comps from
Gikosh! How many times do I have to tell you that
some people (you) and technology do not mix?!
Stick to the cellphone punk.It is just about right
for you :)

Daud Bin Rude

1/29/2005 3:04 AM  

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