Friday, January 28, 2005

Hollywood kissing:the long journey

Kissing on big screen!

We’ve watched many movies and its quite obvious we have come a long way! Of course visual and audio effects through the years have gotten better and better such that we may no longer need actors. But one thing I feel cannot be replaced is that pivotal KISS!!!

(A little deviation: how come we never see any awkwardness in kisses. No teeth a-knockin! No uncoordinated breathing! Annoying slobbering! How come morning kisses don’t take into account morning breath?)

I’d say the advent started with a peck on the cheek. And that was as obscene as it could get at the time. Lips to cheek. No eye contact…no body contact either.

Then came the lips to lips. It didn’t take more than 2 seconds.

Then came lips to lips for more than 2 seconds…and this was as bad as it got even in tv.

After that came deep kissing. Meaning still lip to lip-NO PARTING. But the faces were kinda pressed to each other in a passionate yet not intimate moment…occasionally a hug would be involved-or holding of the shoulders!!!

Proceeding this- was parting of the lips and to be a bit graphic-each would have one lip that they would smooch on. No interchanging of lips…u settle for one lip and that was it!

Then came interchanging of lips…the one lip rule didn’t apply. And in this one there was holding or caressing(if ur romantic) of the face or stroking of the hair was also introduced!

Hmmm!!! Then TOUNGUE was introduced…and the rest as they say is EVOLUTION! From tongue wrestling to tonsil fights…the art, I can say has been perfected. Breathing no longer is a necessity. No need for holding,caressing…as clothes at this stage seem to be a hinderance. Simple unbuttoning doesn’t apply-there is ripping with inadvertent knocking of shoulders in sync to their hormone induced arryhtmic heartbeats-as they remain glued in the Kiss!

A slight addition or modification of the above has been noted in black movies. Intermittent motions like that of licking ice cream off a cone. Gross munching with overly produced sound effects. The ghetto kiss-with some ruff neck brutha and his equivalent nubian hood-rat.

And that, class, was the evolution of the kiss in Hollywood.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sema Nicko!,
How about getting your hands on a camera and taking snaps of Nyeri and stuff like that. Lets have a little more spazzaz up in here. Wacha story ya the f*ckers(oops I meant fockers!).An honest mistake :)
By the way, if you can, get a video tape on the 1980 series, Flame Trees of Thika.Get it. Its a story of the first Kaburu families to come to Thika.

Daud Bin Rude(Nime-Chill.. Na Lebo Yangu)

1/30/2005 10:22 AM  

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