Monday, January 24, 2005

Hotel Rwanda


Damn this is a powerful movie that shows the goings in rwanda in 1994. When the hutu's decided to kill all tutsi's they could-as the whole world just stood by and watched a genocide that wiped out almost a million innocent people. The rwandese were left on the own at the mercy of hutu militia...who shot and macheted their around! Cold Blooded Murder! this could have been the modern day holocaust!!!

Don Cheadle was excellent in his role,as Paul Rusesabagina. A hutu married to a tutsi who did his best to protect fellow tutsi's in the hotel he managed. Through bribery and trickery he mangaed to survive and currently is living in belgium. When the war broke out he thought of only saving his immediate family but as he saw what was happening he opened the hotel to Tutsi and Hutus seeking refuge from the killing. He used all the favours he had stored as manager of the hotel and basically saved over a thousand lives.

A real eye opener, and the fact that it happened so close to home makes it even more scarier...what if this ever happened in Kenya???

A must see!!!!!!!


Blogger M said...

With the asinine schmucks -- I mean gentlemen and ladies in power now dedicating most of their time to filling their pockets and trouser seats, unrest is creeping in -- Mandera, Pokot, Naivasha.... Scary!

1/24/2005 5:02 PM  
Blogger Mshairi said...

I am looking forward to seeing Hotel Rwanda if and when it opens in the UK

1/24/2005 5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is enraging and empowering.... not necessarily in that order! I hope it sends the message to Africans that the West will NEVER help unless there is something they are gaining from it. We as Africans, need to realize that the power to change is within us. I believe we are starting a cultural revolution amongst young people using the arts, music and media as a tool. We are embracing music from all backgrounds. Tribal biases are melting and we need to fan the fire in taking pride in being Kenyan and African period. Not trying to delve which tribe one is from. Its unfortunate that most civil conflict in Africa is caused by tribal differences. Massive bloodshed over something so insignificant. -CK-

1/25/2005 11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an awakening among Africans especially in our generation. I am proud to say that such movies and documentaries that tell what happened are doing justice for those without a voice. I would recommend to see other movies with such a storyline, such as Lumumba the story of great betrayal of our African heroes, by those who are easily compromised by u know who... The thing about this movie is that you would have to check it out in closed caption throughought unless ofcourse you speak french, but other than that it is nothing short of great how the story of Patrice Lumuba is told. Ask yourself as an African what happened to our leaders who fought for the freedom of our countries and those who fought for the justice and fairness of the people, they are no longer with us because they were served with the same fate as suffered by Patrice Lumumba. Our African heroes like Robert Ouko, Dedan Kimathi, Martin Luther K. Malcom X, and so many others who fought for us. So check out other movies of the like if you are interested in being further inspired about our plight as Africans and what we need to do is pick up the battle of our heroes and push it forward. Lets all get on the bandwagon and be inspired to do good and not be compromised for the benefit of a few selfish people. Jere M.

1/26/2005 12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel after watching Hotel Rwanda and looking back on the past to the U.S. has done for many other country in their time of need is that if the U.S. can help Japanese people who are starving from tsunmis and Indian babies starving for food, that they should help the African. Remenber the are humans too and they should have to same support as any other person out in the world.

2/19/2005 4:04 AM  

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