Saturday, January 08, 2005

in response to all your comments

1.Kiss command or promise...was it a typo? foo!!! but we used to just pronounce it kiss commander promise...i still play it with my niece so i know what am talkin about..1

2.paa....oh yes!!! i remember and it would hurt like 1000hells if someone won your colouredy's. there were traffic signs paa. football player paa's

3.there was a game guys would play with bottle tops and u flick like 3 times and see who goes farthest

4.soray u know u was the national champion in hop-skotch!!

5.suck on this trademark: heh ebu get in touch with that ka-fly lawyer and see what u can do about it cause i just darn stole ur line!!!!! :-) utado!!! but u know lunch still on me 1/2kg of fries and sausages and fanta half litre

6.welcome kui and bee...hope i keep u reading!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The traffic sign paa was the one I played. Remember how hard it was to get the blue and red 'No Parking' paa?

Oh and thanks for passing by my blog...

- Kui

1/08/2005 10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicko, you can not even get the games name right? How is the New year started. As you can see I brought you good tidings(not!!)
Kwanza,wacha kugotha malabel za watu. wasee ka nyinyi mnafaa kushiwa-shikwa mashati!!!. soray I have your back, this jama needs to lenga with bebaring peoples property.
And what brought the childhood recolation stuff. Is someone regressing? wacha kuchizi my guy. You are a grown ass man! get it together nicko!!
Happy New Year Punk!!!!!
-Davo aka Daud the rude(iko wapi lebo???...Ndiyo hiyo!!!)

1/08/2005 1:48 PM  

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