Saturday, January 15, 2005

still in response

1. my other half: she posted this funny comment on my article "food poisonin" that i just have to share

"3) still waters run have diayoed mpaka you think you have diayoed all your pancreatic fluid, yaani you can swear the last fluid you diayoed was from your salivary glands and tear ducts .you are Dehydrated you are DRY!!!! You decide things are now sawa and eat a small snack
Lord God!!! Daiyo revolution; diayo reloaded; return of the diayo; diayo the avenger; diayo part two

now you are even diayoing the oil in your scalp

worst part is, after all that...YOU STILL DON'T LOSE WEIGHT!!! Life's a bitch!!!!"

2.Daud the rude and his oh so tired label!! screw u and ur trademark. i like it though but u in my turf so tough love-and we know thats the kinda lovin u like

3.KK-total babe! why u wanna hate on me like that babe?

4.yes i know i forgot other hollywood couples like tom hanks and john travolta. oh cruise and kidmn callin it quits.....but right now who cares anymore...brad and jen have let us down

5. oh and dont u believe the other half...i do not have any homicidal tendancies (nt yet anyway!) am not tired of life just of people expecting too much from me...and she is a dentist as well


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my Nickie darling. Finally got to see your much campaigned for TROY. What drudgery. It was worse than lugging your fat arse on the AKA field during PE. That movies bombed. I was so bored. It had no essence whatsoever. Freaking Brad Pitt looked like crap. I mean the man has never done anything for my libido but woooh now he was just an ugly ass man and that wig didn't do him much justice either. I mean having read the book, I imagined men in skirts would look a whole lot better. And I was so so so very disappointed in the performance of both Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom. And couldn't they have auditioned a little longer for a hotter Helen. At that rate even I could get an acting gig. Bottom line, when it comes to movies, we are no longer on the same page you and I. We are going out out out of sync. But I love you all the same. Don't recommend any more movies to anyone. For your own sake!!!


1/26/2005 3:11 AM  

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