Wednesday, January 05, 2005


A-Maize-ing Drops Synopsis

I am sure y’all are wondering what’s wit the play? For starters it’s a true nicholasgichu work of art…inspired back in 2003. Initially I wrote it with the sole intention of making it a radio play. Where by, every day something new would be presented bout jack and emma.

It took me almost a year to complete it. The style would include flashforwarding and going back in time. That is, each play would never be in the same time frame as the one preceding it…but there would be continuity in storyline.

For instance..the next play is “Jack and Emma’s First date” and the third play is “Car ride to their honey-moon suite”

So if you like the first play I shall post the other two printed works…and if any of you know any connections in Radio…lets do this!!!!

Oh and A-maize-ing drops is a bit graphic but the other plays are mild..but with the same sense of irreverent humor that only I major in…so enjoy

Nicholas Gichu.

*reason that its familiar soray is cause i emailed it to u foo....


Blogger s! said...

"For starters it’s a true nicholasgichu work of art…inspired back in 2003"rafiki.. i know you're a great writer and original usually and everything.. but this storo has seriously been around for ages!! the 'maize & snot' have been 'spinach & ketchup', 'steak & spaghetti sauce', 'floss & lipstick'.. and i dunno what else.

1/05/2005 6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A synopsis?!!!! isn't posting once enough? yiiiiiissh!hehehehehe!
-Davo a.k.a Daud the rude

1/08/2005 1:33 PM  

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