Saturday, January 22, 2005

teachers should be ashamed

i had the privelege of going to public school for 4 years and private school for 4 years-that covered my primary education.
now if you did not go to a public school u missed an important stage in your childhood.the ghetto-ness of it all was character building!

now they say teachers mould u...i agree! they were ruthless and brutal...and the little snithces in class were sons of....

i got into my fair share of trouble and a few memories have re-surfaced and you know how generous i am i always share.

-what was with female teachers?... and pinchin you in the ass.and am talkin about how their hand would slither under your shorts, fingers tip toe lift ur undie a tad and then they'd squeeze the living daylights out of your touche.

-the cunnin ones would slide up your thigh..was it just me or are boys molested in broad daylight?!?!

-now in pre-primary the punishment for peeing in the field was that you would stand in front of the teacher and show her your pee pee.(Now the annoying thing was which one of your friends reported you.) so you would think she was joking and you laugh it off...until u realised that with her incessant threats and persistance this lady was out to get her jollies with some kiddie porn!

-we had a teacher who was a 'dentist extraordinaire' you brag to ur friends that you have a moblie tooth...(again some brat goes runnin to her) ...and before u know it her fingers(dirty and soon to be bloody) are in your mouth and she's doing justice for the tooth fairy

-we had a head teacher who enjoyed spankin girls on their bottoms. with a glee he'd discipline the errant pre-pubescent girl with his bare hand!

-and what was with the whole touch your toes-ass in the air-and they thwack you till there is no tomorrow. or they'd ask u to remove your shoes so that they could get you good in the soles of your feet.

-and most of them would beat u good and in the evening they talk to your parents like nothing had ever happened

-have u ever been slapped so hard you pee just a little. we were doing an exam and i realised my friend robert had written 9 as p (we were in std1) so ungrateful and unappreciative he went runnin to the asian lady straight from the buildin opposite hell. she summoned me to her desk. where i waited for like a good ten minutes-before she caught me off guard and gave me one well calculated and delivered slap.!!!!!!
the impact blocked any possible tears from flowing or fallin down!!
the humiliation
the pain

-you would fall sick and come the following day with a note. and they would read it out loud and ask "oh so is your tummy feeling better..has the diarhhoea stopped?" ....need i explain further???

-this is funny had a teacher who came to our form3 class and yelled " open the windows. everytime i come here it just sweat sweat sweat!!!! and its only 10 o'clock in the morning!!!"

-there were teachers who would ask us to bring soap for the class. or steadtler pencils so that they keep for you...and when u go to their houses for tution..guess who's soap you wash your hands with or who's pencils their children are colouring with?!


Blogger Mshairi said...

Hi Nick. The examples you provide are horrendous and are instances of physical and sexual abuse. These things happen to so many children and yet we do not really talk about them. Perpetrators of such abuse would be jailed here in the UK.

1/22/2005 3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm Nicko! I get the sense that you enjoyed the teacher's fingers going under your shorts. !! So you have always been like this since primary? You freak! Go figure!

-Daud el rude

1/24/2005 7:25 PM  

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