Saturday, February 12, 2005

Me,my bed and I

MAKING THE BED:is that the title of a movie or song?

i realised i have this habit of not making the bed...and my point is why should i?

-won't i mess it up why bother?
-won't fluffin the duvet just do
-unless u have those annoying visitors that creep into ur bedroom...wait a minute who freakin cares!!!!! tough love. My proverb "i didnt make my bed and am still gon' lie in it!"
-ok when the househelp undid ur blue sheets...washed and ironed them and didnt have the audacity to put them back cause time happened to run out between her 5hr shift...then u can make ur bed.ONLY THEN!!!

Now i shall not go into what a bed is used for... check out ... but whether its sleepin or.... u either will be asleep or too bust/busy to notice.

Now i love me some cold blue sheets. A nice piilow-cold if u was ever in my bed just sittin, readin ...tafadhali DONT SIT ON MY PILLOW! i think a pillow is the most intimate possesion u could ever have. and someone just lands their butt all over it and then makes the pillow warm...isn't that a crime!!!

I like it when u enter a cold bed-ur toes all curled up and u roll into a ball...and as u warm ur bed ur fall neck deep in slumber.

I don't snore! I at times may drool me a river-but hey tahts my pillow and i can drool if i want to!

I sleep with the lights on! be continued


Anonymous Anonymous said...

u left out the yellow teddy.
its the only thing u let sit on ur pillow.......the secret is out!

2/12/2005 1:52 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

I like my bed with the man in it. Every night. Yum!!!

Ps/ Do you know what else you could do with a pillow?

2/12/2005 7:48 PM  

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