Friday, February 11, 2005

We were born evil

In life we discover that there are things within us that are innate. Such that no one taught us, or nor did we observe and learn but we were born with these factors.
For instance no one taught us how to smile when we’re happy. Or to cry when sad. Or even to suckle…

And it is with such explanation that I concur that we were born with bad qualities…we can chose not to be evil-but the most important part is that we were born with EVIL! I have done some evil…or harbored evil thoughts…but how come I am not the only one? Hey am not playing the devil’s advocate on a “Lucifer Commission of enquiry tribunal”…But how come we’re all sinners? It would be futile to try and fathom the origin of evil. Even when we don’t sin, when we chose right from wrong-my point lies in the fact that evil is part and parcel of our every day existence.

-In 1986 I actually told some kid to continuously jump on a sewer cover. I wanted the poor kid to stump hard such that it breaks and he’d topple in…cunnivingly I’d convinced him nothing would happen to him…but I had sincerely hoped he’d plunge in.
Isn’t that transpiring to murder? What would a 7 yr old know…was I an evil child or a child with evil? A very fine line….

-I’ll use another example with kids. If you think of all childhood stunts pulled my kids. Kids enjoy tripping their friends, placing pins on chairs, spitting on someone’s food etc
They maybe clueless on consequences but why perform the act nonetheless?

-Why do people always run to watch a scene of accident or mob justice or a fight? It’s not just curiosity? It’s not out of concern? But somewhere deep inside lays some morbid pleasure in viewing something bad happening to someone else. What do you think someone is thinking when he or she says “weka tyre!” “choma!”

-Gossip: yes that juicy art of conversation that we all do. Why back bite? Why reveal other’s secrets except for the sheer fact that it is so darn enjoyable!!! But why would something evil be enjoyable?

-Why do we sin, period?! Not cause we are weak! Its cause we’re self-centered and it comes naturally. We lie, cheat, embellish incessantly. We covet…lust…envy… we have all stolen… We sin left right and center… sometimes in our subconscious, even in our dreams…

“He without sin cast the first stone…”

How come there is no one casting a stone? …Except little toddlers-the reason being they are not verbal or mobile yet?

-We play pranks at people cause we enjoy making fools of other people. We enjoy when he underdog triumphs in humiliation, anguish and pain. We enjoy a laugh at someone else’s expense…we are shameless and surprisingly proud of it.

Now many of you will criticize my points but herein lies nothing but the truth… Maybe we’re evil incarnate. Evil/sin lies beneath and will always bubble to the surface…we should all accept that fact. With such self-realization, only then can we move forward and become better. Enough with denial, we’re evil but we can embrace that evil and fight it!
Let’s not have people criticizing sinners…or being hypocrites and self righteous. It is human to sin.


Blogger ella said...

GUILTY!! i did the pin,chair thing, unscrewed the salt shaker and actually the other day out of boredom in a lecture, i used the reflection of my watch from the sun to irritate this girls neck the fact that she kept straching the spot that was probably burning amused me, evil or evil? i agree with you 100%

2/11/2005 7:12 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

I think you're on to something.

Today I got an insane kind of pleasure as I watched someone sulk and be miserable all because of me.

Of course I couldn't be bothered because I was right in the first place BUT... Watching the joy sucked out of his face gave me a kick.

jEEZ, I think I just paid in full for that second class ticket on the train to hell.

Oh bugger!

2/11/2005 10:54 PM  
Blogger Mshairi said...

I don't know, Nick. Sin maybe inherent in all us but I really get lots of pleasure from doing good things rather than bad.

2/11/2005 11:39 PM  
Anonymous Kui said...

You forgot to mention your fascination with cats :)

I do agree with most of what you say. Infact I agree with all but this bit here;

we can embrace that evil and fight it! I don't think I would like to embrace evil I would much rather rely on the message of John 3:16.

2/12/2005 4:01 AM  

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