Wednesday, March 23, 2005


This is the sequel to the 1994 post sometime last year..the critically acclaimed blog-post that had rave reviews and fans screamin for more…yada yada yada

It’s been my goal to flashback as we go along. And it’s time to go back in time-10years again. Question is where were u in 95?What do you remember…

Where was I? Hmmh…

-at the tender age of 16 I was a mere form 3. to misquote britney spears “not a boy, not yet a man…”
-it was a year of great tribulations, which we shall not go into …but I guess, I triumphed over them. Damn it was a bad year!
-I started playin chess wit the passion of a geek with bifocals.
-Took part in Provincials Science Congress in the infamous Jamhuri High School. Took first place position for a physics talk(Induction cooker)…went on to National’s and came fourth( NB 4th gets you no-prize!!)
You shoulda been there to hear safety precautions we were given prior going to Jamu!!!
-Took part in a school play. Played the role of a battered husband called Chume in ‘Trials of Brother Jero’ (my best played role…I captured the essence of a whooped-ass brada!)
-Hey in a spirit of maturity, I joined M.U.N. Represented Greenpeace early during the year. It was a time of trying to act all grown up…not to mention the pocket money was huge cause food at the UNE P canteen wasn’t exactly cheap. It was the first time i saw condoms in a public loo…(at UNEP). And I remember this guy leavin us with his briefcase(we all had those) as he ducked to talk to some one. And we looked at the briefcase…at the condom dispenser….briefcase…dispenser….

Lets just say when he went back in session he got a pleasant surprise! Yaani we emptied the whole dispenser and filled his briefcase with like 50 condoms!!!!

-anyway…later on that year. I took part in Junior-chair Classes. Yes I was determined to be the next Bhoutrous Bhoutrous(I heard u good the first time) Ghali. Every Friday 5 of us would go to I.S.K for them classes 5-6pm what cheap jollies. We high rolling in jisty schools…what wannabe’s…how cute!

-Oh, then there was the introduction of E.R and Lois and Clark on our TV screens. I used to live and dream E.R!!! Actually I’d live E.R and Dream Lois Lane aka Teri Hatcher

-What else was on tv…same ol same ol: Last season of ‘sisters.’ Time Trax wit his comp Selma. Renegade. Commish. Life goes on. Nurses. Herman’s Head. 21 Jump street. Fresh Prince. Benny Hill-not benny hinn-but that perveted chubby comedian…my hero!!!!! Living single. Family Matters

-Remember the introduction of M-Net!!! Damn wit 3channels that they let us taste. Teenie Bop,Mnet and Movie Magic

-It was the year of Mariah’s Daydream(her best album to date) wit hits like ‘One sweet Day’ and my best collabo of hers and babyface ‘MELT AWAY!’ other hot songs included ‘Underneath the stars’ ‘when I saw you’ ‘forever’

-Michael Jackson unleashed HiStory part 1 and 2.
>Scream had the highest debut od a single at number 5
>Above record broken by ‘You are not alone’ the highest debut ever at number1
>Scream at the time was the most expensive music video ever.
>It became evident that previous allegations had affected his selling power
>Remember his wedding to Lisa Marie Pressley???
>He discovered 3T
>He discovered Brownstone-wit hits like
“IF u love me(bitch)-say it! If u trust me(bitch)-prove it! If you need me(bitch)-show it!!!”
“Five miles to empty”
“I heard it thru the grape vine”

-Remember Shy Guy-by Diana King..oh lord have mercy mercy mercy…

-Waterfalls-TLC was hittin Kenya at the time.So were collabo’s of babyface e.g Jon B’s pretty woman(which was also soundtrack to Bad Boys like shy guy) another collabo was Baby face and El Debarge or was it Al Jareeau “Where is my love tell me where…where is the girl of my dreams…”
-Down for whatever-by Nuttin Nyce
-Adina Howard's 'Freak like me!' ..i've got a freakin secret everybody sing cause we don't give a damn about a thing...i will be your freak all thru the day till the early morn....

-Candy Rain-Soul for real
-Brandy and Monica; from ‘I wanna be down’ to ‘before u walk out of my life’

-GoldenEye opened in Kenya. The new Bond had arrived wit a killer villain that always did enjoy a good squeeze!!!! #cheers for Famke Jansen!!!!! Grrrrrrrr Grrrrr Grrrrrr
Plus I got me a poster of GOLDENEYE!!!!(I hope ur singinto the tina turner song and doin the beast with me…den den den den!)

-I watched movies like Specialist,Jungle Fever,..actually that was the time I was going thru a black phase:Menace to society,Jason’s Lyrics…rewatched them all

-Jerry Bruckheimer and his then alive partner Don Simpson ruled the box-office!

-it was a year of serious flirtation wit girls. And this included exchanging letters that were casually swapped durin the school day. Oh, I still cling on to them. Picture this some cutie u were dartin becomes a major politician or some big-shot C.E.O..what do u think she’d pay to have her letters back? where she had offered her bushy triangle and lips of life…(its getting hot in here!!!)

u know we’d swap letters..where u insult each other, or fantasize about each other or just real letters…

am sitting on a gold mine-but that was the year of continuous flirtation wit girls.

-My first real date was in this year…could it have been my first true love as well???

-Oh, the numerous family functions I DID NOT attend. Oh yeah, this was a chubby rebel without a cause..i’d come off age and this punk stopped attending functions for the sake of attending. Please!! Ati ma-weddings, itega’s, farewell parties, welcome-back parties…

Do u have these families that always have some reason for get together? Well I happen to have one and I was getting tired of them…kila saa…

-Oh I got really sick during this year. Had ‘Acute Malaria’ in June(I still query that doctor ati nini?!’ Had severe marathon-runs during the year!!!
Had Back-to-Back Colds… Yaani through M.U.N(a whole week of crazy ass-flu) and just when I recovered the following week it came back better and stronger. Note the following week was my I literally turned 16 sniffling.
Payback for Condom Trick???… maybe!!!

-Ati,Dec Hols were spend pensive over the dawnin of the realization that I was going to FORM FOUR!!!! LOL! Kitu gani, I watched those movies like I was being paid!

Speakin of which- DAUD EL OLDO…aren’t u celebratin ur 10th year post high school now!!!!!!

-hey I even wrote my first poem-which to date I think is pretty damn good may post it fact my dream was to send it to KNEC and they’d bring it in our English exam…and they’d ask ‘what was the poet going thru?’ and I’d reply ‘I’ll tell u what I was goin thru nigga foo!!!!!’

So that was a quick recap of some of what I remember that transpired in 95…keep on reading…


Anonymous Mama JunkYard said...

Until you retract that "serial commenter" remark I shall refrain from commenting.

You shall not hear how I was LMAO @ "chubby rebel without a cause"

Or exclaiming.." I went to THAT MUN!" (we were Brunei)

I won't even tell you that I still own and listen to the Bad Boys Soundtrack.

3/23/2005 3:22 PM  
Anonymous Memoire said...

I remember dungarees for 1995 but alas everything else is a vague memory! err it was sunny in Nai? Noticed u were into physics also and greenpeace.

I think that the onset of teenage years brings angst (adulthood also bring angst plus bills) so any year 1995 or otherwise mighta been angst filled.

As for letters we were so juvenile in our class we'd read them aloud to everyone and laugh (aww).

1995 was also the year of the 'shuffle' dance au?

3/23/2005 6:34 PM  
Blogger KymmBr. said...

good trick with the rubbers. foul play and your reward ws
95' ws the yr of pigs (trust me on this one) because kenyans were suddenly feeling good about had started getting to their heads and in a way were behaving like pigs."MO1 why the freedom?"
waterfalls rocked. skool ws the peak of being chicky. hang on to those letters, her day is coming. pity if she parted with the bushy triangle and lips of guessing a 100 grand or more.

3/23/2005 10:26 PM  
Blogger robmacca said...

The White Honky`s Diary for 1995:

Jan - I scraped the bottom of the moral barrel. I'd got off with my next door neighbour and for a short while we were in love but had to keep it secret.January was "Interview with a Vampire" and the OJ Simpson Trial!

Feb - I started getting visits from Jehovahs Witnesses , still got "friendly" with more than 1 of my neighbours.

March - By now I`d "been friendly" with 3 of my neighbours (all related!)"Take That" were ruling the British charts. Got promoted as a manager. Started studying with JW's.

April - Bumped into the Queen as I was catching a train.

May - I was earning more in 1995 as I am today , in real terms. Lots of friends got married. Got closer to an old girlfriend.
Went to USA for 2 weeks with my friend Lyn.

June - Worked long hours, turned my back on going to pubs/clubs.

July - More weddings this month , Wendy and I were ideal together. If she needed a partner for an event, I was her man and if I needed a partner, she was my girl!

Robbie Williams quit "Take That".

Had a house warming party,although about 19 months late! Broke a window..... with a balloon.

Aug - Lots more parties and BBQ's, things turned nasty with my love interests next door.

I quit my mangement job.

Blur and Oasis battled it out for #1 single (Blur won with "Country House")

Started wearing contact lens.

Sept - Over in America Michael Jackson's "You are not Alone" became the first record to go straight in at #1.

Went to London and my friend Shafiya tried to get "friendly"

Cinema -"Usual Suspects" was big big big.

Dressed as a lion to help promote "The Lion King" at work.

Oct - Had a good laugh with my housemates and also got more serious in studying religion.

Coca-Cola was the top UK grocery brand and "Fluffy" was the top name for a pet.

Nov- Fell deeper in love with a girl called Judith , we even went Line Dancing together!

Got rid of my first mobile phone.

Life began taking a more serious turn as I started taking the Jehovah's Witnesses more serious.

Dec - We had some snow and I passed the test for a new job as a Postman.
Dad was ill in hospital and next door were back to tempt me......

3/24/2005 12:22 AM  
Anonymous Bacchuzite said...


Prior to spewing my thoughts on the year '95 let me bring you up to speed on my handle. I'm called Bacchuzite due to the fact that I pledge allegiance to the god of those who love their 'kachupa' I've been sipping on liquor since I was twelve and I'll be sipping till the day I die, and when I step over into the next life my first question to Gabriella the barmaid upstairs will be " Wapi Pilsner?" Enough said.

Now I usually just browse through your blog but your memories of the '95 touched a spot 'ndani ya roho' and I had to shed my cloak of invisibility just this once. In '95 The Lost Boyz debut album:Legal Drug Money was doing the rounds and it was crazy. Music makes me high was the track that took me to that special place and beyond, to date I still list it on my CV as my mantra. Deathrow was the label that was paying everybody as Snoop sang and Doggystyle and The Chronic had just crossed the realm and become certified legends as far as albums go. Now Dre and Snoop: that's just the supreme in tag teams. Then of course came that crazy thug Tupac bursting on the scene screaming thuglife! Now here is when I went totally nuts living on the fast lane with my pedal to the metal saying eff the world.That was the year of wilding out, alcohol,women, clubs we were living like we were to die tomorrow and we were only teenagers. Let me bow out by sampling my spots.

A.Keroro:(We used to call it shtim)

1. Sorghum Sake had just hit the markets from Kuguru. That's the tightest pint you'll ever find. You'd buy the stuff and leave it for a month or so by which time it gained strength like a mutha. K-shaka praised it in their joint, Tafsiri Hii..." piga nduru sababu nimepata litre mbili za kuguru." We'd go to school, boarding of course, with a bottle and hide them in the ceiling of the dorm where they'd ferment till the next funkie when we'd twanga ourselves silly.

2.Pilsner was still the drink of choice when we wanted to be toffees and drink up market with our girls.

3.Mama Pima @ kshs.10 a pop was the 'starter' before a night of gradual progression in inebriation.You'd be in a ka room holding about 10 jamaaz and there was always one ol chap giving advice on staying in school and advancing yourself. He would have done a better job in those stay in school ads than those hypocritical celebrities!

4.Murats. The most potent in juices. Once managed to convince a group of chicks that it was juice imported from Brito...LOL.

5. Smirnoff vodo. What can I say I have a toffee (used to call it Babi in me.)

Those are the top 5 drinks now for the top 5 places.

1.South Tetu: That place behind Odeon which was like the ivy league college of drinking.Hit that spot for some Nyuki a.k.a Bzzz or Special or Karaba before going for jam (still 2 young for rave) at F2. Kwa wale wote wananielewa Hola atcha boy!!

2. Thimbigua's: Hapo opposite NY which had just opened, hit that bottled cham called Safari Cane and now we'z set to hit nothing but brown bottles in the club.

3.The local mama pima: I learnt more from the ol folk here,like a whole education just by sipping and listening to grown men talk.

4.Steps: The underground pub was still new and still the shyt. Hit that spot like crazy, good music, good booze and good barmaids...

5.Jeans pub in Nairobi West: what can I say, that was the first and only joint in kenya where people pimped their (excuse me, "borrowed" parents) rides. Had a whale of a time nothing but chicks and alcohol.

And when the Bacchuzite grew into rave mode he hit:

1.Carni: The best there was, the best there is and the best there shall ever be.

2.F2: A true Kenyan bordello, the best in illicit intimacy.

3.Maddy: funky concept in location but what if a fire broke out in the petrol station underneath? God forbid.

4.Karumaindo: what can I say the ivy league in sex education.

5. 3 New Eden: If Karumaindo is Harvard then Eden is M.I.T!! Enough said.

6.The Barn: Great concept, great mamas, great ambience for drinking but bad location.

Let me get back to work now, lest I start sending mass e-mails trying to track down the crew from the old days. Cheers you've made my day. When I hit off work in the afternoon I'll take one or two or three or four... em who's counting? just for you!!!!

3/24/2005 10:15 AM  
Anonymous Daud said...

Ati nini Nick!! 10 years since I was in High school?? Speak for yourself Grandpa. I am a rumble rousing 21.

In 95 I was just entering my teens, and wondering what that Luther Vandross looking boy(the Fat Luther) in form 3 carries his chess board all around school asking everyone if they want a game.

And what is with the technicolor post, did you just discover the color pallete. Mon Dieu!!!( wewe, watch the french) You went crazy, a chameleon would die from exhaustion what with all the color changes.

Daud El Rude(Sent here to rule..over Nickos Blog)

3/24/2005 12:34 PM  
Anonymous mshairi said...

The comments on your blog are almost (note I said almost) as interesting and as fun to read as your posts:-)

The adoption papers are on their way:-)

3/24/2005 3:19 PM  
Blogger LifeMoments said...

I can see all the fantas you have been talking haven't gone to waste!

3/24/2005 7:21 PM  
Blogger kashata said...

Nicho you to always take me back there and full of LMAO'S at that.
I was getting the hang of highschool,we had taken over the bloody school!and green house was kicking everyones butts during sports&swimming day.Was also the year i found out i could never be a sscientist or anything that required science.
-Was going for Groove every friday without fail,had discovered "dawa"was and probably still is the tastiest drink i have had
-1995 was the year i was in love with my highschool teeny,(and his bestfriend lol!)
-Was the year obohos tried to thug us during Blackrock.
-in 1995,Tauras was still the place to have a heng,"candy rain"will always remind me of that place
-Was when we were sent on a weekend retreat to some place in Karen and basically spent the weekend at Splash on waterslides,speaking of splash-was also the year Irene Macharias' mom came with cops and had her arrrested at Splash during the hanye.
-Was the year i was in a car accident but we all survivedby some miracle of god.
Damnn 1995 was a lovely year!!
-Was the year my bestfriend and i went with a group of other students (through a KWS competition) to Maasai mara and had fun with people that would never have met before.
-I have to stop now before i write another blog.

3/24/2005 11:30 PM  
Blogger Sam Oendo said...

Nostalgia is a DEADLY drug...DEADLY nakwambia. I remember the lumberjack shirts coming en vogue and I was darn lucky old man brought one from the U.K. I was flossing the whole estate over...nani kama mimi?

Time to catch a round of Neighbours, MTV and Counterstrike....mmmhhh Counterstrike!

3/25/2005 12:38 AM  
Blogger Sam Oendo said...

I might be 3 or 4 years behind in my nostalgia...the years, they just meld into one sweet memory....

3/25/2005 12:42 AM  
Blogger nick said...

my word now these are posts on my always you are all welcome..keep it long keep it coming.

@robmacca welcome:how dare i forget Keyser Soze in Usual Suspects

@bacchuzite-welcome and reveal thyself as well.

@mshairi-am tellin u wit such comments i may have to stick to my day job...or better yet pull MJY and comment away

@mjy-leta vita. ur blog or my blog

@david-21..then mathematically that makes me!

@kashata-mmmh mmmh mmmh

@kymmbr-how do u pronounce that anyway? but hell yeah am keepin those letters

@sonny.counterstrike and mtvy...remember down town julie brown?!

@memoire:lets form a blog "memories are made of these"!!!!

3/25/2005 9:21 AM  
Blogger Medusa said...

Nicho do you do it?
95- M.U.N- Was the year Louise and I first tried to smoke some cigs huko in the parking lot- we coughed so hard, we almost passed out,that was the end of that.Just loved being away from class almost all week- Lakini they called us 'local'schools- the idiot poshiz!!
Mariah, Adina,TLC, our neighbors houzi sang Candy Rain in Kao- I kid you not.
Jungle Fever, the idiot guy at hurlingham told old man ati it was a family Sato night we're all sitting there, popcorn the works..I'll never forget the look on dade's priceless.
Thank you Nicho :)-

3/27/2005 5:51 AM  
Anonymous Msanii_XL said...

Memories i tell you nice post.

1995 - The alpha of kenyan hip hop dropped their first single

3/28/2005 10:17 PM  

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