Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's been over a year and I thought this would make a great title. Plus I can't go a whole year without a post.

By definition it means a development into something new and different. Out with the old and in with the new. Except the old really isn't gone in fact it's older...and seriously how can it be really new anyway ?

What happens when we watch our own changes happening? What happens when you observe that the caterpillar changes not quite into the butterfly you had envisioned. It's more of a caterpillar with wings! Like Michael in Thriller, a hideous monster emerges that could kill. What if you could become a serial killer? It's become apparent there are people in this world that I may have on a "to kill" list right after brushing my teeth and washing my face in the morning. I totally get "Dexter" now. He goes beyond just being a vigilante righting wrong but a vigilante with a personal agenda...and with each kill a piece of a thirst quenched by doing evil it might retard his metarmorphosis.

So metarmorphosis isn't exactly bad. It's good to mature. Become older and wiser. To emerge anew with the foundation and base of the old. But what if with this metarmorphosis comes evil? Then what? What if indifference and apathy is what one is geared to. Not giving a rat's ass about anything and leaving each day as it comes. Total disregard for society. Selfishness. Survival. Metamorphosis.

Right now I'm in a stage where I'm tired of people. And those people know it, should know it and better know it. I'm everyone's big brother and best friend...yet at the end of the day I'm all alone, for apparently such relations don't run both ways. I am Spiderman after all your friendly neigbourhood hero...but what lies beneath is a contempt for humans that runs deep.

Tried and tested. Used and abused. A metarmorphosis is happening. And I love it! Serenity comes with a realization ...that to become good you have to become bad.And to become good you have to have been good. For no one will ever realise that you were once good. No one remembers. How can one keep score when your memory is selectively blinded. So a new spidey is emerging. Evil and blunt!

So as this change overcomes me...becomes warned it is just METARMORPHOSIS!


Blogger Acolyte said...

Good to have you back even for a moment! Im sure your new improved self shall be a sight to behold!

12/19/2008 8:33 AM  
Blogger Mshairi said...

So this is what the metamorphosis was all about.

I am scared...

12/21/2008 8:33 PM  
Anonymous eleet said...

son, you should not stop taking your medication, see what happens?

1/08/2009 4:02 PM  
Blogger Njogu said...

dude.. go back and study.. and stop playing with your PC?? LOL

1/11/2009 4:11 PM  

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