Friday, March 17, 2006


Dear Nick,

Wassup, how you doing?

I write this letter to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow, I have known you for 27 whole years. We have had some good times and bad…but most of all we have kept each other company ever since we realized we were all that we had! WE have been best friends/companions/confidants…heck even lovers...a relationship we have have finely perfected.

I know sometimes you feel disappointed in me. I see how you look at me in the mirror; I can see your face there looking at me. With your beautiful big brown eyes, with streaks of red, and splashes of jaundiced yellow! You never see what I see, and I just realized I never see what you see. I look at you and you look at me-and we see different things. You have to realize that even when I feel like u dislike/loathe me- I must admit- I on the other hand think you have come pretty far with outstanding achievements. Then again, pity does become me, when I also see the failure that you see. But remember you were right there and you cannot cast judgment or criticism for any failure or success.

However, I am not writing to dampen your spirits. No weight jokes! I am here to celebrate with you as we celebrate YOU! Wow 27…did you ever see it coming? Think of all those old-jokes you cracked! They were funny too! And now you are so close to 30, all of a sudden those jokes are no longer funny.

Think of when you turned 8 and started collecting birthday cards.How about at 5, how I'd try to sneak up on you in the mirror to see if you'd appear same time as I did. Oh, and when we turned 18 and got adulthood all wrong. Ha, not forgetting 13 when you cracked your voice in a period of a week-nothing like not quite cracking it completely! Sounding like James Earl Carey in a syllable! Your first slow dance at late 14-arms outward stretched, only contact was my hands her hips, her hands my shoulders…oh the endless jokes on that…we might as well have been in two rooms! The flu at 16! Remember just the other day when we turned 1? Yeah, neither do I!

From friends to family we have pretty much been lucky. The bad times have been there and together we have triumphed and managed to make it through the rain. Been able to stand up once again! As for those cherished hallmark moments…the volleys of laughter...the priceless jokes…silly side-splitting pranks! Wonderful memories vividly emblazoned in my mind that I’d give my all just to hold them once again. (Enough with the Mariah Quotes) Life has been at its best, even when the future seems foggy and gloom, you should never complain! Never!

So 27 it is. 9x3! 30-3! TSK! TSK! You know better than I am it only means that I am getting to know you better as you are getting to know me too! Remember that naïve goal of having a million shillings in our account by the time we were 30. Well, can’t wait to hear your excuse in 30 years! But 27 is a nice number let it be filled with good luck and good times! So what if we are still clueless on where we are headed to? So what if we aren’t married with twins on the way! So what if life has become a series of monotony! We are at a point where we know what we want and what crap we are gonna put up with. At the end of the day when the sun goes down, it boils down to just the two of us…perhaps the occasional zit! Just you and me! Let me strive to make you happy with what you see in the mirror and let me rejoice at what I see in turn.

So, happy birthday once again. Enough with the suicidal/depression jokes. Keep on smiling and spreading laughter. Live life! Focus some more like you always did. Don’t give up for it’s always the easy way out. Patience…tolerance…Sense of humor and we will get thru to 28…LORD it just hit me after today I am now next turning 28! Ok panic mode!

Yours Sincerely,