Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bloggers Met Pre-Xmas

Today, in the late afternoon to the wee hours of Congestina's boxing fight, 9 bloggers were having a meet up! However, there was a surprising consensus...heck they even voted that I could not/ should not and will not blog about the said meeting. It was decided upon that if I did I would be killed after various tidbits of my anatomy were dismembered, throttled, plucked, squeezed, choked, disjointed, fractured, slapped about... in a random order by the bloggers.

I'd love to rally you guys up to DEMAND for a post from all 9 bloggers...especially my version cause I have dirt on them all. Did I mention photo's were taken? Oh did I mention the bloggers that met: in order of appearance. Blue Poet, Gishungwa, Butterfly, Milonare, Thinker, Guessaurus, Machozi, Shiroh...with special appearance of Wanduma(Blue's Brother and contributor) and MentalAcrobatics made a Vocal appearance on phone and spoke to everyone.

I repeat I am not allowed to mention anything else that thappened.
I cannot distort facts into fiction.
I cannot make fun or ridicule anyone.
I have been bound and gagged.
Its upto you to lobby here and in their blogs for the real scoop!

Apart from that I wanna wish you all a very merry X-Mas. Have a blessed Christmas day!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

On Leave

After a long arduos year, I took my Nyeri see you till 23Jan. So, what are my goals for the leave? Have set up some soul searching goals/hopefully travel plans...I need to work things out and had started attacking them last week full throttle, but come this week they have not bore fruit so I'm one stressed out nigga. This totally defeats the whole idea of are supposed to be worry free...not in a bad mood when stuff ain't workin out. I didn't wait a whole year to go on leave for crap to be happening during the leave. The whole of today and yesterday, after the disappointing news I just bumbed the whole say. I will say I was a little disapponted, depressed, a little suicidal, nothing like indulging in self pity...but I can say the light is shining at that end of that tunnel..or i just made it shine. For some reason I am now smiling and not giving a DAMN! If this is your very definition of mood swings then its sure as hell rocks! But enough with seeing your hopes dashed, trickle of sunshine shadowed..enough of all that-it has happened before, its happening now...I'm just gonna roll with the punches and NOT GIVE UP!

Its funny when I tell guys I am not in a good mood or that I am feeling low-they look at me and start laughing cause I am one of those guys who everyone is telling how low they are feeling cause am the chirpy one that never gets down! HA squared!

Anyway for some reason I just got over that whole CRAP of self pity..or is it LOOKING down on myself and I am back to my good old spirits. Now I'll tell you, this past two days of pure BUMMING despite the downside-staying with pyjamas day in day out, uncombed hair...were also yummy! For those who know my source of pleasure and joy-SHOUT OUT TO PATRON SAINT OF TV!

I cleared First Season of THE WIRE, first 9 episodes of COMMANDER IN CHIEF, finished the last 6 episodes of PRISON BREAK...not to mention the week before i cleared the first 8 episodes of SMALLVILLE V, ALIAS V, LOST II, DESPARATE HOUSEWIVES this is a COUCHTATO post but i have THE WIRE II&III waiting, ROME, GREYS ANATOMY II, APPRENTICE III, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, SIX FEET UNDER IV-V and a whole lot more...

I'd love to discuss these killer shows and spoil as well for individuals e.g Shannon dies in Lost...but this is not the time or the place...

Definitely, I need a social life...but who needs that when u have this! So, bye bye mood swing...I'm gonna get lost in fiction...and swallow all the pessimissm/cheap self guilt trips...I'm moving on smiling with a prayer in mind and a remote on my hand!