Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whats the whole fuss about spidey3?

So will you be out there watching Spiderman 3? Have you already got your tickets like Tato has?

Those aerial shots of him turning up and down...twist and turn...wah that last 30 seconds of Spiderman...visual effects at its best. Nothing but showing off of C-G Effects. Not to mention that whole walking on walls thing...

Ok why lie that Black Spidey costume....

Have always loved superheroes with costumes...where there is an obvious change from norm. Superman...Batman...He-Man...She-Ra...Superwoman...a little of Fantastic Four though their identities are not secret. That whole secrecy thing rocks! That quiet creepy character appeals to all of us. The weakling being the stronger!

That Black Costume...if you can get it in extra-large ship it and send it!!!

The geek's superhero...Peter Parker is the ultimate geek/nerd that represents the rest of all of us! Yeah you too! Everyone loved Spiderman...sure he may not have natural superpowers like Superman but he rocks!

Ok it's been overhyped...its been too long...its about time. Let summer movies begin! There is nothing better than overyhyped movies...sure they usually disappoint but there are some you could care less...some you know you are following the crowd like some suicidal Jim Jones Sect...

Will he tell MJ his little secret? Just like Lois who loved both Clark and Superman...will she finally know?

Tato and I will be having a blast on this one!