Monday, September 18, 2006


So there I am thinking what can I do to rile things up... to add salt and pepa( and spinderella too) up in Blogland? Way back when I had started KBW's NEXT TOP MODEL, I thought it would go places ha ha...but I rubbed them ladies the wrong way like velvet being stroked the opposite direction... So, here I am proposing a BALL and DANCE. Just like the Kaybees last year I'm totally clueless on logistics so we will require ADMIN to help in.

All will be invited to participate...

Round 1:

-will include dudes asking out their intended dates out on their blogs. There should be wooing and begging. Poetry and Floetry. Kissing ass and typing sweet nothings. In every dude's post they should state who they are asking out? Who they are seeking ...especially plan's player players you!

Chick's too can ask dudes out...that's whats gonna make this interesting. So the asking out will be done in comments section and in blog-posts! In a duration of like a week.

Invites must be official...y'all must lay your hearts out on the line!

Round 2:

Then replies: acceptances and rejections as well as "we'll see(holding out till a better offer comes along or accepts)" replies will ensue. Let's see the heartbreak and slicing, the cut and chase ...lets see who get the ROSE or gets voted out...oops is this the makings of a reality blog drama? Wait Tato cross posts this. Doubt he will after Movie Buff has declared her intentions! There'll be sad songs to make him cry-Billie Ocean style!

So ladies here's your chance to play hard to get or easy to get.

Rejections must be brutal!
Acceptances must be sweet!

Round 3:

The actual day! There will be other prizes as well and competitions

1.Who will walk away Ball King and Queen...each blogger willing to compete must submit there reasons....C.V's must be published
2.Best Couple...same thing sell yourselves
3.We can have talent competitions

Of course all this is subject to change but it's a chance for all you Blog Geeks to finally attend the Ball and Dance y'all were ostracised from...or was it just me?! Its your turn to star and shine..and work your virtual MOJO guys! Devious for a change a "date" won't be a calendar referennce but a time for you to go out on the prowl, leave the jiko behind and the woollen undies and get your Devious on!And Acolyte a camera will not be entertained as a date.


-costumes are allowed but spidey costume is mine..and i think Instigator has taken Hunchback of Notre all others are up for grabs
-you can have more than one date
-you can attend solo....and why not it's not your first time is it?

So if you are game-let's get this started. And if you have ideas on logistics comment away...MI COMMENT SECTION SU COMMENT SECTION!