Monday, October 09, 2006

2 YEARS: Start to End

A whole two years has passed, come and gone! A blogging phenomenon that I was entirely indifferent to and clueless about came to be a part of my life. It consumed, engulfed me and gave me a place to retreat to at the end of the day. My life outside my real life. A blog that started in a cyber cafe at a place I covered on saturdays! Politely I grew an audience and the blog changed and grew and metamorphosised. I even dared to start a second blog.

Last year I launched a new blog- COUCH TATO...2 years back started NG(dumbest move to paste my real name out there) ...which moved to Nick/Spidey...and it's sad thinking that I am calling it quits after such a nice time out here on Blog Land..however Couch Tato will still be around...actually so will not entirely dead or gone forever...but this blog will be on hibernation... I figured am moving on right now with life and this is something I am sad to leave behind. It's a bitter sweet ending...just when blog-block was disappearing and was ready to return with a bang I decide it's best to hang my coat!

So it all started way back when, S! started his own blog and I thought to myself..." I can do this to!" and so I did.

My first comment was from LifeMoments. My first emails were from Mshairi and the time I did not know they were related and had their ages swapped...Mental whom I later baptised as the Godfather invited me to join the ring and there I was at number 15... so I have been around and when they say I'm an oldie they know what they are saying- watched y'all come and stay...come and go...come and go and return again. I was later to join the Admin of KBW. I had always joked about Mental being Don Mental and was itching to be a consigilieri out there and perhaps given my own enclave to run.

Back Then

Back when Thinker's Avatar was Jerry Mouse.
Back when almost everybody operated Blogspot with the original templates before everyone went all URL on us.
When Virtual Insanity was alive and kicking and the first form of aggregator was Daily Nchi Yetu.
Back when not doing a tag was a great crime!
Back when the younguns were the likes of Kipepeo and Kymmbr who was also the blog badboy.
I watched the Ms KMutsaurus squad form-the kinky ones that even a freezing Antarctic Waterfall couldnt cool down! yup thats Ms K, KM, Mutumia and Guess
Watched Milo and Blue Poet become celebs over night. Like Mutumia and KM overnight sensational celebs-took blogs by storm!
Akiey was pictorally there, Msanii Musically there!
Daud El Raud who some thought was my alter ego run wild on my comments section!
Poi was our baby poet.
Back when Mjy was a comment-ho.
When Magaidi and Itina Rasa were active...and Sonny

I watched KBW grow to what it has become today...and boy there have been some fun along the way and trust me I did not miss out on any.

Interactive History

1. For a fun blog you have to interact with people and that is what I had set out to do. Got myself adopted by three sisters; Mshairi, Nyakehu and Uaridi. MJY didn't want none of that-spoilt child she was. Ms K on the other hand was stealing my thunder at the time. Later the likes of Poi and Milo managed to claw themselves in.

2. In my highly adulterous days there was Wifey, Concubine and Mistress

3. Then there was the Looney family members of a mental institute that needed serious help and I think the help was even worsened by the night nurse at the time. Other recruitees were Mutumia, Aco , Farmgal and Akiey.

4.The sibling family. akiey was Bro #1. Milo Bro #2, I was Bro #3 and lil Sis Nakeel #4

5. The Meetups which we started wit Ms K and then came Guess...Blue Poet...and the Official first meetup which I was choked into not posting and soon Meetups became the norm...the last being the one with Farmgal...I shoulda posted on that one i tell you a babe has the original National ID from's the size of a tray!

6. The Blog wars...oh how I miss those. Blue and Mama Jacinta...uuuu she hated that name! But the best was the war with Blue! That old man fought as good as it gets.

7. Racing to blogs to comment. We started that with Guess...we'd comment on Milo's blog...and each day one of us would win. But mostly it was guess who would be beat me to it as I was typing up the comment. It was I who statrted the comment "First here let me go read and come back"

A habit I regret cause i once got like & comments of "first here...." and soon we took comments off context and comments section became a chat room whereby the original post was ignored.

8.The plain teasing...trying to up the camaraderie

KBW Ball and Dance
KBW Rumor Meal Roundup 2
KBW Revolving Soap
KBW Next Top Model
KBW Rumor Meal Roundup

9. My alter egos...I like Couch Tato the best but will always have an affinity for the Sleeze Crew...Oh dear Lord Lequitta rest in Peace.

10. The Conference Chatting into the wee hours of the night...various combinations of Farmgal, Poi, Milo, Kipepeo, Mental, Spicebear, Mshairi, Mjy, Guess , Akiey and Adrian...even Sandman
and Mutumia and Dangerously Shy...and off late on Gmail Aco, Devious and Movie Buff

11. The Collabos and Guest Blogging spots...actually that's what I'll be doing y'all holla at me I cant wait to do guest appearances

12. Patron Saint of everything Download who is also a Couch Tato on the all started with an old post, a simple email and the rest as they say is history.

13. All the dudes and babes....and the nick names. Lard-Boy. Gich-boy. Nichgich. Babyface. Couch T.

It been fun without any regrets. Boy oh Boy the behind the scenes were worth every minute of it all!

So as I write my own blog eulogy...I hope that atleast I tried to bring bloggers together with cheap fun and humor. A time has come and I wish to take a bow. Like Spice girls singing Goodbye I too are weeping at my demise! It's not the end...i gotta keep it strong before my pain turns into glad i made time... will never change it no no...look for the rainbow in every storm...