Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Bringing Spidey Back

"in the heat of the moment, bloggers I lost my mind lost my head, didn't know what to do!"

"I'm bringin spidey back..yeah! Them other bloggers don't know how to act yeah!
Dirty blog!
You see them shackles Baby I’m your slave. I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave. It’s just that no one makes me feel this way...yeah...Take 'em to the chorus...come here girl...go head be gone with it..."

"...back to life... back to reality... back to the here and now and then..."

I must be under some heavy stress to think I can get away with this...where does one start? It's like starting a fresh. One step at a time. Move over couch tato...mover cough cough...then again I may just wake up tomorrow regretful. So lets see how this goes! I could always say I was heavily sedated or had y spidey suit on backwards and had no idea what I was doing. Hopefully I'm still young enough to remember how this was done...let the fun begin!!!

Oh and for those out there that have made fun at Fat-Spidey be very afraid!